The Netherlands has legalized same-sex marriage since 2001. However, it is assumed it cannot be applied to the crown because there would need to be an inheritor to the throne.

Mark Rutte, the caretaker prime minister, has now made it clear that any monarch or queen can also marry another person of the exact same sex.

In December, 18-year-old Princess Amalia is the heir to Dutch throne.

Rutte claimed it was only about “theoretical scenarios”, although the next queen might marry a woman.

He explained that the cabinet did not consider it necessary for an heir or king to abdicate to be married to someone of the same sexe in response to a written inquiry from his party in parliament.

The future of Princess Amalia, King Willem Alexander’s oldest child, has been under scrutiny. One book published this summer raised the question about what would happen to her if she married a partner with the same sex.

The story does not give any insight into the personal lives of the princess and it is unclear if there are plans to marry her. Amalia will likely go to university in the next year, and she declined to receive royal income while she was a student.

This question led two members of Mr Rutte’s Liberal VVD Party to inquire whether the current royal marriage restrictions are compatible with 2021’s “norms, values and norms”.

The cabinet clearly states that it is possible to have same-sex marital relationships. However, the question is still open as to what happens to the succession in the event of children being born through a same-sex royal wedding, such as adoption or from a donor sperm.

Rutte stated, “It’s frighteningly complicated.” A “lawful descendant” is required to succeed the queen or king in accordance with Dutch law.

Prime minister stated that the idea was only theoretical, however it would still be decided by parliament. This is because it requires approval from Parliament. He said to Dutch TV, “Let’s cross the bridge if it comes to it.”


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