Afghanistan: Family reunites baby who was lost during Kabul evacuation

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Hamid Safi is a taxi driver of 29 years who discovered baby Sohail Ahmadi inside the airport. He cries when he passes Sohail on to his grandfather.

The chaos caused by the US withdrawal of Afghanistan’s troops has seen a baby boy taken from his family. He is now back with his loved ones.

In August, the Taliban seized control in Afghanistan and Afghans tried desperately to flee.

Sohail Ahmadi, two months old, was given to an American soldier through a fence to keep him safe from the crowd of thousands trying to enter Kabul’s airport.

Sohail disappeared after his family was inside.

Following a desperate but unsuccessful search for the child, Mirza Ali Ahmadi (his father) was able to locate him. Suraya, her four children, and mother Suraya were then able to board an evacuation flight.

The couple didn’t know for many months where their little boy was.

However, after reviewing a Reuters report about Sohail’s family search, he was tracked to Hamid Safi’s home in November.

According to the news agency, Mr Safi claimed that he found Sohail crying alone at the airport. He tried to locate the family of Sohail, but was unsuccessful.

The infant was named Mohammad Abed by the couple and they posted photos of the entire family on Mr Safi’s Facebook page.

After Sohail was found, his grandfather Mohammad Qasem Razawi (who lives in Badakhshan to the north-eastern) made the long trip to Kabul to request that the child be returned.

According to Reuters reports, Mr Safi demanded that the baby be handed over, and also requested that his family and he go to the US.

After seven weeks’ negotiations – including a short detention of Mr Safi – Taliban police arranged a deal between the two families. The baby was then returned to his grandfather Saturday, Reuters reported.

He said that his parents were overwhelmed after seeing the video-chat reunion.

Razawi stated, “There is celebrations, dancing, and singing.” It is very similar to a wedding.

They are hopeful that arrangements for Sohail’s safe arrival in Michigan will be made soon.

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