According to prominent rights groups, 13 Hazara ethnic people were killed by the Taliban including a teenager girl.

Amnesty International stated that evidence was found to show the victims were murdered in Daykundi Province in August.

Amnesty claimed that 9 of them were former soldiers in the government who gave up to the Taliban.

Taliban denied making the claim, telling BBC that Amnesty only presented “one side” to the story.

Afghanistan’s third-largest ethnic group is the Hazara. Shia Islam is the predominant religion they practice and are subject to long-term discrimination, persecution and exclusion in Sunni Afghanistan or Pakistan. Since August’s election, this is the second instance of the Taliban being accused of murdering Hazaras.

Amnesty reported that two other civilians were also killed in the Daykundi killings. One of these was a seventeen-year-old girl who Amnesty claimed was shot by the Taliban when she opened fire upon a group of families of soldiers.

Amnesty reported Tuesday that civilians died while trying to flee.

“These cold-blooded executions are further proof that the Taliban are committing the same horrific abuses they were notorious for during their previous rule of Afghanistan,” said Agnès Callamard, secretary-general of Amnesty International.

“The Taliban deny that they target ex-employees of the former government but these deaths contradict such claims,” she stated.

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Amnesty released an earlier report in August that stated the Taliban had massacred nine Hazara minorities in Ghazni Province in July.

Qari Saeed Khoshi, spokesperson of the Taliban’s interior ministry stated to BBC that “this report is unbalanced and we appeal for all international agencies to investigate the situation.”

“This conclusion is inacceptable and it is devoid of transparency.

Amnesty reported that about 300 Taliban fighters traveled on 30 Aug to Dahani Qul village to join their families.

According to the report, families of former members of Afghan security forces tried to flee but were stopped by the Taliban who opened fire on them.

Amnesty reported that one former soldier opened fire, wounding a Taliban fighter, while another was wounded. Two other ex-government soldiers died in the melee.

According to the report, nine other ex-soldiers surrendered but the Taliban then “promptly took” them to a river basin nearby and executed them.

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