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As the ban is lifted, an influx of travellers from abroad is anticipated (file photo).

On Monday, the US will reopen its borders to foreigners double-jabbed. This is the end of a 20 month-old ban on entry.

Former President Donald Trump imposed the ban due to Covid-19.

This has caused over 30 non-US citizens to be affected, which includes the UK and EU countries. It also separated families and stopped tourism.

The airlines anticipate a large number of travelers as they lift restrictions on vaccines and allow people to be tested and traced.

It feels great, it feels good! Jetset Voyages’ Paris-based head Jerome Thomann told Reuters that his agency had experienced an “incredible increase” in bookings.

To stop coronavirus spreading, the US closed its borders to Chinese tourists in 2020. These restrictions were later extended to include other countries.

Most non-US citizens were barred from entry to the UK, a variety of European countries and Brazil.

Foreign travellers must show proof that they have been immunized before travelling. They won’t have to be quarantined.

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Alison Henry, a 63year-old British mom, said to AFP that it was so difficult and she just wanted her son.

Ms Henry is a Cheshire woman who plans to fly to New York Monday to visit her son.

A reopening of the US borders with Canada and Mexico for fully vaccinated citizens will be possible.

After struggling to survive under restrictions, businesses along Mexico’s border are looking for an opportunity to get a lift.

United Airlines claims it anticipates an increase of 50% in international passengers. Delta chief executive Ed Bastian warns travellers that they can expect long lines.

Bastian stated that it would be “a little sloppy” at the beginning. “I can guarantee you that lines will exist unfortunately.”

While the EU advised that Americans travel into the bloc starting in June, visitors from the US are now able to visit the UK beginning 28 July.


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