After a devastating fire, Colorado residents are back

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The fire has destroyed hundreds upon thousands of homes

After snowfall had helped put out the last wildfire, Boulder County residents have seen scenes of destruction.

In just hours, the fire destroyed hundreds of houses and swept across 6,000 acres.

A local resident claimed there were many families who had lost everything and it was a Christmas miracle that nobody died.

Tens to thousands fled when the fires enveloped the area.

According to local authorities, winds gusting up to 105 mph caused the fire to reach its height.

Climate change is increasing the likelihood of dry, hot weather, which could fuel wildfires. In fact, experts have found that wildfires in the western North America region are getting more intense over recent years.

Snow has begun to fall and officials don’t believe the fire will pose more risk.

Many are facing complete destruction and have begun to return home.

Jeff Conroy of Louisville told local media that Conroy had witnessed his family’s home burn to the ground.

USA Today told him that “the fire department left before me.” They knew the house couldn’t have been saved but they needed me to keep an eye. The walls had been completely destroyed by the time I arrived.

Linda Jackson from Louisville, another Louisville resident, said that the fire had completely destroyed her 20-year-old home.

She said, “I saw flames in my yard and knew that I needed to escape.” I went down to find no power in my garage, and the garage would not open. Although I considered walking along the street and ignoring the problem, I dialed 911 to get help.

She claimed that her home was “just going to be an ash,” and she had known this for a long time.

Six patients were treated for injuries, but there have not been any fatalities – this was described by local officials as a miracle.

President Joe Biden approved the disaster relief bill to help victims.

The latest Colorado fires are burning more in suburban areas and they are occurring relatively late in season.

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