After a series of abuse allegations, Kevin Spacey will pay $31m for the studio

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Kevin Spacey went to Italy in June for a role in an independent movie.

A mediator has ordered Kevin Spacey to pay nearly $31m (£23.2m) to the studio that made the hit Netflix show, House of Cards, for breach of contract following sexual harassment allegations against the US actor.

Although the secret decision was made in the last year, it became public Monday when lawyers representing MRC filed a petition to confirm that award.

Since 2017, the actor has been accused of multiple sexual assaults.

He denied wrongdoing.

Spacey (62), lost his role in House of Cards as the conniving politician and has maintained a low profile after being accused of creating an “intoxicating” environment at work by making crude remarks and touching young employees without consent.

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In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein’s scandal, he was among the first Hollywood stars to be accused publicly of misconduct. This was also when the #MeToo movement gained momentum.

Netflix, MRC and Netflix fired Spacey from House of Cards. They also wrote Spacey out of the series.

According to US media, it was unable to claim a loss of millions of dollars as it already began work on the next season.

In January 2019, MRC filed a lawsuit seeking to recover the costs. It argued that Spacey’s conduct violated the studio’s sexual harassment policy.

Variety reports that more than twenty people were heard by lawyers on each side during an eight day confidential arbitration hearing held in February 2020. Variety also reports. Variety reports that the 46-page decision made five months later is confidential.

However, MRC’s Monday petition to the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed that a studio ruling had been made. M Profitt Productions was ordered to compensate Mr Spacey, as well as his production companies Trigger Street Productions and Trigger Street Productions. They also had to pay court costs, attorneys fees, and damages.

He filed an appeal, but the decision was rejected.

His lawyer declined to respond to US media inquiries.

In October 2017, Mr Spacey was the target of public allegations. Anthony Rapp, an actor who claimed that he had been subject to sexual advances while he was 14, made these claims against him.

Spacey released a statementHe claimed he didn’t remember what happened, and that he was sorry for his drunken behavior.

Spacey said that he now lives as a gay man. Spacey was criticised for linking the apology for his alleged predatory behavior with his homosexuality.

There were many accusations that followed. He was accused of groping a teenage girl at a Massachusetts bar, which resulted in a civil lawsuit being dropped. Also, he was charged with sexually assaulting a Malibu massage therapist. Before his legal action was filed, the masseur passed away in 2019.

Spacey was forced to quit several jobs in acting because of these allegations. However, he returned to acting with an acting role in Franco Nero’s low-budget independent film set in Italy.


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