After the outage, Tesla owners were unable to get their vehicles started.

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Tesla drivers can unlock their cars using the Tesla App.

After an outage, Tesla owners claim that their vehicles were locked from them.

Many owners shared on social media that the error message they were receiving on their mobile apps was stopping them from connecting with their vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded personally to a South Korean driver complaining about his service. He said on Twitter, “Checking.”

Musk said that later the app would come back online.

To unlock their Tesla cars and to start them, drivers can use the Tesla App as a key.

Online complaints from owners about their cars not working were numerous.

“It’s an hour from my home and I can’t get to it because I use my phone for start [my]One owner tweets “car”.

According to DownDetector, approximately 500 people reported errors on the app on Friday at 16:40 ET (21.40 GMT). Five hours later there had been just 60 more reports.

“We apologize, but we are going to take the necessary steps to make sure this does not happen again.” Musk Tweets.

Stuart Masson from The Car Expert, said to the BBC that apps should not be your only means of accessing the cars.

He stated that “there will be an additional mechanism to get into or out the car beyond the application, but the problem will arise for drivers if these aren’t carrying it.”

Although technology makes it easy to use, the system must work 100% of time. This is the same thing as when I leave the house with no credit card and expect to be able to pay using my phone. We can easily be dependent on one system all the time and get caught.”

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