Amazon expands its presence in London’s High Street with the opening of its UK non-food store.

It will be selling around 2,000 products at the Bluewater mall in Dartford.

Because every product has received more than 4 stars from customers, it’s known as Amazon 4-star.

A retail expert stated that the shop might be confusing and lacking inspiration.

It will be the fourth Amazon 4-star Amazon store located outside of the US. There are more than 30 locations.

Amazon’s customers purchase books, electronics and toys online.

For example, there’s the “Most Wanted For” section that shows customers’ most desired products.

To ensure that prices remain the same online and in-store, digital price tags are used. It is not necessary to be a member of Amazon to access it.

Online orders can be collected and returned by customers without needing packaging.

Andy Jones is the director of Amazon 4 star UK. He declined to reveal how many stores he planned to open in the UK.

The global corporation is frequently accused of destroying the High Street through its undercutting of traditional retailers and paying lower taxes.

They are now moving on to their physical patches.

Natalie Berg, a retail expert said that Amazon’s move was “purely experimental”.

According to her, the goal of this giant is to promote more online shopping.

Ms Berg explained that it is not about moving more product, but about getting shoppers to Amazon’s platform.

It’s all about getting customers to interact with Amazon’s products, reminding Prime members of their value, and giving them additional options when it comes time to return and collect online orders.

Amazon opened six convenience grocery stores in the UK, all with checkout-free technology.

However, Ms Berg stated that the jury is out on whether or not the world’s most disruptive retailer will be able to perform one of the fundamental retail tasks: run shops.

She stated that “The 4-star system has the potential of being a bit confused and uninspiring.”

Amazon’s scientific and data-driven approach to physical shopping has resulted in a store that features an assortment of goods.

Ms Berg states, “But if you remove the high-tech touches, it’s hard to see why it distinguishes from any other retailer.”

The move may not be welcomed by landlords as they seek new partners to replace empty shops. This is largely due to our online shopping habits.

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