Australian police claim it was a “miracle,” that the couple survived several days without drinking water when they got lost in Northern Territory’s outback.

Shaun Emitja (21 year old) and Mahesh Patrick (14) were both found in separate areas near Alice Springs, on Friday and Saturday.

According to police, both of them were severely dehydrated and exhausted but otherwise were fine.

The vehicle became stuck on Monday after a four hour drive through remote areas.

They were unable to remove the vehicle from the garage so they left the car overnight and returned the next day to look for water.

The authorities stated that they had walked five kilometres (3.1 mi) to reach a hill when they realized the mistake.

They thought that they would go in the right direction. [take]They are located adjacent to the Sandover Highway,” stated Northern Territory police. This refers to the main road running north-south through this region.

The pair were reported missing when they failed to return the following day to Hermannsburg, an Aboriginal community located 120km (75 mi) south of Alice Springs.

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They camped on the hill for one night, police say they discovered a water source.

“We think that they last had water on Tuesday,” said Acting Commander Kirsten Engels.

According to police, they split for unknown reasons.

Mahesh was able to walk 35km alone, and at one point found a fence he could follow south for two days. His discovery was made on Friday night.

“Miraculously,” said Acting Chief Dr Engels.

After that, he helped to conduct an air search by police for Mr Emitja. The man was located on Saturday evening.

Acting Chief Dr Engels stated, “They are very lucky to be alive. We all know how hard it is out there.”

People are advised to keep their car if they find themselves stranded in outback. This provides some protection, shelter from the weather and makes it easier for helicopters to search.

Travellers to Australia’s remote Outback should also bring water and food.

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