Andrew Gosden – Two suspects in kidnapping, trafficking, and kidnapping are arrested

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Andrew Gosden was last spotted on CCTV at King’s Cross, London’s train station.

In connection to the disappearance 15-year-old teenager, two men were arrested.

Andrew Gosden was last seen in Doncaster on September 14, 2007. He is now 14.

On suspicion of human trafficking and kidnapping in London, two men aged 45 and 38 were taken into custody. They have been both released and are currently being investigated.

South Yorkshire Police stated that the older man was also taken into custody for possessing child-indecent images.

The Metropolitan Police assisted in their arrest on December 8. It is thought that they were the first arrests made in this case.

South Yorkshire Police Detective Andy Knowles said that “Our priority is Andrew’s support while we investigate this new avenue of investigation.”

We are currently in contact with them, and they request that our investigation continue.

  • “He was taken to London by the train and never saw again.”
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The Missing Andrew GosdenHis Twitter account stated that it was difficult for his family, who knew nothing beyond what was in the police report.

“Police investigations will be ongoing for quite a while and we respectfully ask you to give them your support & consideration whilst this takes place,” it continued.

On the day of his disappearance, Andrew skipped school and withdrew just under £200 from his bank account before buying a one-way ticket to London.

The last CCTV video footage of him arriving at King’s Cross Station shows his movements. Police have not been able to confirm this since.

Andrew never knew the reason he traveled to London that day.

Andrew Gosden vanished on the day he was born.

  • At 08:30 BST, he was seen heading down Littlemoor Lane in Balby towards Westfield Park.
  • He returned to his home after his parents went back to work and changed into his school uniform.
  • He removed £200 from his bank account and, without leaving a note, went to Doncaster station where he bought a one-way ticket to London
  • It is thought that he refused to buy a return ticket from the station, even though it would have cost him a similar sum.
  • According to reports, he boarded a train at 09:35 to London that was supposed to reach King’s Cross at 11.20.
  • Andrew arrived by train at King’s Cross, as captured on CCTV. Since then, he has been missing.

Source: Please help us find Andrew Website

Andrew’s relatives commissioned searches including a sonar scanning of the River Thames. Many images showing Andrew as he grows older have also been published.

At the time Andrew disappeared, images of Andrew’s right side, with its distinctive double ridge were released.

Andrew has not been seen despite repeated appeals by his family, the Missing People charity, and the police.

“We made many appeals throughout the years to locate Andrew and to determine what his fate was when he vanished.” Det Insp Knowles said.

“I urge anyone who has any information to share it with me.”

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