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Asda says there are no problems with petrol supplies for the week

by Lester Blair
Asda petrol station
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Asda Supermarket Chain has claimed that there have been no issues with its petrol supply for the last week, as the fuel demand is decreasing in many parts of the UK.

Morrisons fellows stated that it has “good levels supply”.

According to the Petrol Retailers Association, (PRA), there has been a significant improvement in London’s situation.

It said that it would “take some time” to rebuild stock levels after the 10% forecourts had been left dry over the weekend.

People queued up to fill their forecourts due to supply chain problems over the past few weeks.

A spokesperson for Asda stated Wednesday that there have been no issues with the chain in over a week.

“There were never enough of anything.” [at refineries]”It is,” he stated. He said, “It has always been a fact that an increase in demand will be temporary.”

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Morrisons spokeswoman said that the supermarket chain has “good levels” of supply.

Tuesday’s statement by the Petrol Retailers Association, which represents almost 5,500 of UK’s 8,300 petrol stations (PRA) was that there had been an improvement in fuel supply.

It said, however, that the situation was still “serious”, in London and South East. The South East is the largest part of the UK.

It said that one out of ten stations were empty at weekend petrol pumps in the area.

The PRA stated that there are numerous reports about wet areas quickly drying out due to the inability of tanksers to keep up with orders.

Gordon Balmer, executive director of PRA, stated Wednesday that the South East and London were improving.

He said, “However it will take some times to rebuild stock levels to normal running levels.”

Motorway service stations received priority deliveries during the UK’s petrol shortages.

After warnings about delivery issues at some petrol stations, panic buying fuel was started by the consumers.

Numerous parts of Britain’s economy have struggled to find lorry drivers.

According to the haulage sector, this shortage can be attributed to Covid and Brexit as well tax changes.

Source: BBC.com

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