Australia: Two campers vanished. Man is arrested

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Russell Hill and Carol Clay (left), have been missing from March 20, 2020.

Australian police arrested a man in relation to the disappearances of two campers at a national park twenty months ago.

Russell Hill, aged 74, was last heard of by Carol Clay, age 73. They called their friend from the remote Victoria campsite on 20 March 2013.

There has not been any trace of hikers, despite the largest state missing person investigation.

Victoria Police announced Tuesday that they had taken a Melbourne 55-year old man into custody in connection to the investigation.

Although he is currently being interrogated by the police, he has not been charged.

According to investigators, Mr Hill and Mrs Clay disappeared shortly after they called a friend who uses a high-frequency radio.

Hill said that Mr Hill and his partner were setting up camp at the Wonnangatta Valley near a campsite in Victoria Alpine National Park.

The campsite was set on fire by passers-by the following day. Police were only notified later in that week. It was also discovered that the car of Mr Hill, which had been parked near camp, showed signs of fire damage.

The police have carried out extensive searches to find clues within the remote terrain.

In recent months, the investigation has intensified. Police released photos of the 4×4 vehicle that was spotted at the campsite near the couple’s camp, and they said they wanted to talk to him.

Family members of the two missing have made appeals to information.

“It is really difficult. The situation isn’t getting better if you don’t know. It is just unknowable – he disappeared, and you’re stuck in middle,” Debbie Hill said to her daughter last month.

Jill Clay, Ms Clay’s sister said that they need to find out what happened to them and where their bodies were so that we can place them to rest.

In the Victorian Alps, three more people went missing over the past decade. None of these disappearances are thought to have been caused by foul play.

According to local media, Hill had been there many times and worked as a lumberjack decades before.


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