Australian music charts have bird songs as stars

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On the album, you will find the gang-gang, vulnerable cockatoo.

A compilation of tweets and screeches from endangered Australian birds debuted at the top of Aria’s music charts.

Songs of Disappearance is surpassing the likes of Abba and The Weeknd – not to mention Christmas favourites Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey.

BirdLife Australia created the album, which features 53 threatened Australian species’ birdsongs.

It took some sounds hours to capture one tweet, while others required waiting in the bush for hours.

David Stewart is a wildlife sound recordingist who has collected rare sounds from Australia’s animals for over 30 years. His bird recordings were the inspiration for this album.

It was published on December 3, and a social media campaign launched to promote the album in Australia’s Aria music charts. Songs of disappearance became the first of its kind to be charted in the top five.

BirdLife Australia will receive proceeds from sales.

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Paul Sullivan, BirdLife Australia CEO, stated that “This is a special album with rare recordings of birds which may not survive if they don’t get together to save them,” The Music Network reported.

He added that while the campaign may be fun, it has a serious aspect. “It’s encouraging to see birds enthusiasts showing businesses and governments that Australia cares about these valuable birds.”

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According to Charles Darwin University’s study, one in six Australian birds is now at risk. This includes 216 species. More than 300 experts in bird conservation contributed to the study. It found that species are being driven closer towards extinction by climate change.

BirdLife Australia believes that their habitat was destroyed by massive bushfires in 2020 and 2019.

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