New figures show that the stock levels at petrol stations have increased after recent fuel demand surges.

According to statistics by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, filling stations storage tanks in Great Britain were approximately 45% full at Sunday’s end, according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This was the highest record since May.

Many forecourts were empty a few weeks back after customers waited in line to get filled up because of supply chain issues.

After warnings about delivery issues at some stations due to a shortage in lorry drivers, panic buying was initiated in September.

After the peak demand on the previous day, stocks dropped to a minimum of 15% by 25 September.

Asda however stated that the supermarket chain had no petrol supply issues for one week following demand relief. Meanwhile, the Petrol Retailers Association claimed supplies had increased in London, and the South East.

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London and South East had the longest recovery times from the shortage. But, on Sunday, petrol station storage tanks were 42% and 45 percent full, respectively, according to Department for Business.

At one time, the situation in the nation’s most populous areas was described as being “severe”.

However, the most recent figures show that UK gasoline sales are down from an average 35.900 litres per filling station (24 September) to 11.800 litres Sunday.

In times of supply shortage, deliveries were made to motorway service station first.

Lack of HGV drivers has had a negative impact on many areas of the UK economy.

  • Why are there so many HGV drivers?

According to a Road Haulage Association survey, there is a shortfall of over 100,000 drivers qualified in the UK.

According to the industry, the current shortage is being exacerbated due to Brexit, tax changes and slowdowns in driver testing.

According to Oliver Dowden, Conservative Party Chairman, temporary visas were introduced by the government for 5,000 truck drivers who want to travel to the UK. However, only a little more than 20 out of 300 applicants have been granted so far.


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