Bafta Movie Awards: Rebel Wilson able to save the 2022 award season

By Steven McIntosh
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Rebel Wilson stole the show when she presented individual awards at the Baftas in years past

British Academy announces that Rebel Wilson, actress, will host this year’s Bafta Film Awards.

Edith Bowman was the last to host a ceremony, which took place in a small and mostly virtual setting due to lockdown restrictions.

Baftas might have to face some headaches after Hollywood’s Critics Choice Awards said they will take place the same day as the Baftas, on March 13.

Some stars may be nominated both for one or the other, and you will have to pick which event to attend.

Critics Choice Ceremony was to have been held in this month’s Critics Choice, but it was postponed by the Omicron variation of Covid.

What are we to expect from Wilson, the Baftas and this year’s award season?

Rebellious host

Rebel Wilson makes a great choice as a Baftas nominee. The Australian comedian actress, Rebel Wilson has been viral in two instances after she stole the show during the ceremony and presented individual categories.

The 2016 ceremony was held on February 14, 2016. She shared with Idris Elba her anxiety because she was sociologically programmed for chocolate Valentine’s Day. It was the best joke of the evening.

A more enthusiastic reaction was received by her in 2020 when she stated that she was wearing dark because she “just came from a funeral” for Cats, the film she had just seen in.

Wilson is also known for his roles in Bridesmaids as well as Pitch Perfect and Jojo rabbitt. This will help bring Hollywood stardust into the Baftas. It will improve entertainment value, increase the entertainment value, and provide viral moments to all those who are interested in social media.

The British Academy has made her an inspiring choice. She could also have benefited from the Golden Globes’ shrewd playbook, where they hired humorous hosts to cheer up the nominees.

Wilson released a statement saying she was honored to be the host and giving a glimpse of what you can expect from the night. She stated that Covid would no longer be around when the ceremony takes place, as it was already cancelled.

In reference to her recent weight loss which has been widely reported, she said: “I don’t wanna place any pressure on this. I know that I’m going to not be funny because my fat is gone.”

Critics Choice clash

The Baftas have had a rough week. Critics Choice announced Thursday that British awards organization Critics Choice will be competing for its long-planned film ceremony date.

It puts potential attendees in an awkward position. Baftas are the more important event that hosts many nominees. They also have a strong Oscars indicator. Baftas won in each of six categories last year and matched them against Critics Choice.

However, the Critics Choice ceremony is becoming more important in this awards season in recent times – it’s held in California.

Omicron remains a concern across both the Atlantic and one can easily imagine US-based nominees preferring to go to the bash of critics rather than flying to the UK.

Joey Berlin of Critics Choice stated that 13 March was the only option because there were other events in Los Angeles every Sunday.

To accommodate scheduling issues, the Critics Choice Awards ceremony must take place on Sunday by the television network.

“[Bafta]Berlin said that they were very gracious,” Berlin shared with The Hollywood Reporter. Berlin said that he had put it out there that he would host Bafta nominees in LA for the Fairmont. [Hotel]For breakfast they are available live by satellite. Bafta Awards start approximately eight hours earlier than Critics Choice Awards.

Bafta stated that it understands the “unprecedented circumstance” that caused the date to change. However, the statement also addressed the possibility of remote winners.

A spokesman for the EE British Academy Film Awards stated that there were no plans to change their current plans. “We are looking forward to welcoming all to London’s Royal Albert Hall, for a safe-and memorable event. No plans are currently in place for satellite connection.

The nominations to the Bafta Awards will be released on February 3.

What is the Oscars Race looking like?

Although the Oscars are this year’s culmination, on February 27th, Oscars ceremony will take place. Film ceremonies have been struggling to be relevant with young audiences.

Although the general public enjoys watching who wins and who gets what, they are less interested in the live broadcasts of the award shows.

It is partly due to the Oscars naming films that aren’t seen in large numbers by the public. The average moviegoer has seen more blockbusters than major Oscar winners such as Nomadland, The Father, and Minari.

Most Oscars categories don’t include superhero and crowd-pleasing films. However, that may change in the coming year.

It could be that blockbusters have more chance with the Academy’s 10 nominations in the Best Picture category.

The Academy’s highest category featured between 5 and 10 nominations over the past decade (but only eight this year).

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  • West Side Story wins troubled Golden Globes
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In an attempt to increase diversity, inclusion, and popularity of the final 10 films, the governing board has decided that they must include the entire 10. This means that Spider-Man has more screen space, which is a good thing for both critics and fans.

However, the best picture contest for this year is currently a three-way race between Jane Campion’s moody Western The Power of the Dog with Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story remake. Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast, however, will be the winner.

Others possible nominees are King Richard, Licorice Pizza. Coda. House of Gucci. The Tragedy of Macbeth. The Lost Daughter. Being The Ricardos. Nightmare Alley. Tick Tick… Boom! Drive My Car.

Dune, Don’t Look Up and other mainstream films could have a chance to be nominated for a nomination in February’s shortlists.

For the Oscars, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has noted with interest the news of Rebel Wilson’s appearance at the Baftas. They are now pondering who they should hire as hosts.

The Academy Awards has not featured a presenter in the last three years. Instead, they rely on guest stars to introduce each category.

It has now been confirmed that the ceremony this year will feature a host. However, who is it?

Rumours have suggested that Spider Man’s Tom Holland, Pete Davidson and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson are both in the mix. This would increase attendance and attract a younger crowd.


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