The Banksy stable in a model village might fetch “seven figures”

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Banksy left the miniature model stable in Great Yarmouth to Merrivale Model Village, Norfolk.

According to an auction house, a Banksy-designed model stable could be worth up to seven-figures.

The small building was seen at Merrivale Model Village, Great Yarmouth (Norfolk), in August during Banksy’s “Great British Spraycation”.

It will be part of The Modern Art & Design Auction at Anderson & Garland Auctioneers in Newcastle later this month.

According to the model village’s owners, it was “a lifesaver”.

Banksy’s name, “Go big or Go Home” and other words were sprayed onto the top of the thatched structure. It was discovered in the dark night by the villager.

Frank and Frances Newsome from Merrivale claimed that the owners of Merrivale didn’t see it until 2 days later, when a visitor pointed it out.

Newsome revealed previously how Newsome employed diversion techniques when placing his artwork at the venue.

Merrivale placed it in a protected box. She also restricted its display to certain hours of the day. Merrivale used additional security to stop robbers from stealing Banksy artworks that can be sold for many millions.

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According to the owners, the risk of it being left alone made them decide to sell the item.

Mrs Newsome stated that the Banksy was a “lifesaver” for her family as she had to shut down so many homes due to pandemic.

We hope that the sale will protect the future viability of the village.”

Anderson and Garland’s valuer said that Banksy unique pieces “can be hard to value”, but they were “looking for somewhere around the high hundreds to thousands of dollars up to a seven figure sum”.

Banksy will be replaced by a replica in the village.

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery currently has the original as part of their urban art exhibit.

City Culture Peterborough manages the museum. It said it had its most successful New Years and Christmas periods ever thanks to the artwork.

Although the exhibition will last until May, the cottage will only be on view until Wednesday before going up for auction.

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