Walt Disney and Scarlett Johansson settled their legal dispute regarding the release of Marvel’s superhero film Black Widow.

Johansson filed suit against Disney in February, claiming that it had breached her contract by streaming the film on Disney+ while it was showing at cinemas.

The decision was said to have meant she would be unable to earn potential income.

The details of the Disney-Johansson deal have yet to be disclosed.

Alan Bergman, Disney Studios’ content chairman, stated that “I am very happy that we were able to reach a mutual understanding with Scarlett Johansson concerning Black Widow.”

He said, “We are grateful for her contribution to Marvel Cinematic Universe” and hoped to work together in the future on many projects including Disney’s Tower of Terror.

Johansson stated that she was glad to have ended her disagreements with the entertainment industry giant, and she looked forward to continuing collaboration.

Her statement stated, “I am incredibly proud and happy with all the work that we have done over the years. I also enjoy my creative relationship”

Johansson starred in Black Widow as the Russian assassin-turned-Avenger superhero of the film’s title, a role she has played in nine Marvel films.

In July, she filed her complaint at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

According to it, she had been promised that Black Widow, which Disney owns, would be a “theatrical” release by Marvel Studios.

According to her, she understood that this meant that a time period would exist before the stream would begin – which is a traditional 90 day duration.

Disney replied that she had been fully compliant with her contract, and that there was no merit to her case.

Black Widow, which debuted simultaneously on 9 July in cinemas and via Disney+, set a box office record for a release during the coronavirus pandemic in its first weekend, grossing $218m (£161m), but box office receipts then fell sharply.

According to Box Office Mojo, the film has grossed over $378 million worldwide in box office receipts.

Disney stated that the film generated $60 million through streaming sales in its 20-days of release.

Many major Hollywood studios chose to release their films online rather than go to cinemas during the pandemic.

Disney and Warner Bros. have chosen to keep a double release strategy in place for major movies now that many cinemas are reopened.

Forbes magazine’s 2018/2019 list of world’s most well-paid actresses included Johansson. Her earnings before taxes are estimated to be $56m.

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