Boeing and Airbus alert the US about 5G safety concerns

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The two largest plane manufacturers in the world have asked the US to stop the rollout 5G services.

Boeing executives and Airbus top officials warned in a letter that technology could “have an enormous negative impact” on the aviation industry.

Concerns were previously raised about the possibility that C-Band 5G wireless might interfere with electronics on aircraft.

US telecoms giants AT&T and Verizon are due to deploy 5G services on 5 January.

In a letter sent to Pete Buttigieg, the chiefs of Boeing Americas and Airbus Americas Dave Calhoun, and Jeffrey Knittel said that 5G interference could negatively affect aircraft’s ability to safely operate.

According to the letter, Airlines for America’s research found that delays and cancellations would be more likely if 5G Federal Aviation Administration rules (FAA) had been in force in 2019 for about 345,000 passenger flight operations.

Both the aviation industry and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), have expressed concern about interference from 5G with sensitive equipment such as radio altitude meters.

Airbus released a statement saying that Boeing and Airbus have worked together with US stakeholders of the aviation industry to study potential interferences with radio altimeters.

The US Department of Transportation has received a proposal for aviation safety to reduce potential hazards.

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The FAA has issued warnings about 5G interference that could lead to flight divertions. It stated it will provide additional information prior to the rollout of 5 January.

In November, AT&T and Verizon delayed the commercial launch of C-band wireless service by a month until 5 January and adopted precautionary measures to limit interference.

Airbus and Boeing both counterproposed that they would restrict cellular transmissions to airports, according to aviation industry associations.

Scott Kirby, chief executive of United Airlines, stated last week that the FAA’s 5G directives will prohibit the use radio altitude meters in 40 of America‚Äôs largest airports.

CTIA (the US wireless industry group) has stated that 5G is secure and accused the airline industry of fear-mongering, distorting facts and causing panic.

The delay could cause irreparable harm. “Removing deployment for one year will cause economic harm to our country, as we recover and rebuild from the pandemic,” Meredith Attwell Baker (CTIA chief executive) stated in a blog posting last month.


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