Boeing: US families bring legal action against Boeing over an Aircraft Crash

Theo Leggett
BBC News, Business correspondent

Image source, Reuters
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Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 was the cause of death for 157 passengers.

Family members of victims killed in a Boeing 737 Max plane crash filed a complaint against the US government.

Washington is accused of creating a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in secret, which would have allowed Boeing immunity from prosecution.

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crashed shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa, March 2019.

This was the second accident involving the 737 Max.

Later, it was discovered that the flight control software had been defective and caused both crashes. In total, 346 people were killed.

One person was indicted for criminal offenses related to crashes: Mark Forkner, former chief technical pilot.

The FAA in the USA accuses him of deliberately withholding data about flight control software.

A Texas District Court filed the motion accusing the US Department of Justice of concealing an ongoing criminal investigation into the company. It also accused the DoJ of misleading ET302 victims’ families by denigrating any investigation that existed, while simultaneously working with Boeing on the resolution of the matter.

In January of this year, the DPA was announced. This happened just days before President Trump took office. Boeing was required to pay $2.5bn compensation and fines.

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According to the DoJ, Boeing’s workers chose profit over honesty by hiding material information from FAA regarding the flight of the 737 Max plane and trying to conceal their deceit.”

Lawyers representing the victims pointed out that DoJ’s attorney who negotiated the agreement later joined the firm that signed it for Boeing.

They asked the court for an end to Boeing’s immunity.

Boeing refused to comment.


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