Bomb threat made at Doja Cat concert led to man being arrested

By Mark Savage
BBC Music Correspondent

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Doja Cat will be up for 8 Grammy Awards at the Covid-delayed ceremony, which includes album of year.

One man tried to make a bomb threat and jumped the queue at Doja Cat concerts in the US. He was then arrested.

The free Indianapolis show was being held on Saturday, and fans had been waiting for it for 12 hours. At 5:15, a man came out of his bag to tell everyone around him that he had an explosive device.

After 20 minutes of clearing the area, police allowed the concert to go ahead.

Unrelated warrants were outstanding and the man was detained for them.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), the investigation into the bomb threat remains ongoing.

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According to Deputy Chief Joshua Barker, “A fan was eager to get ahead in the line. He exercised poor judgment and informed those in line that he had a bomb inside his backpack.”

“Someone did what was right and alerted IMPD. “The backpack was clean.”

Doja Cat’s appearance was part the preparation for Monday’s College Football Playoff. In which the Georgia Bulldogs will face the Alabama Crimson Tide, underdogs.

Overnight, fans waited in line to get to the front of the show. They had to battle freezing rain and ice as the temperatures plummeted to -9C.

Some people expressed dismay at social media disruptions.

“My boyfriend, and I stood at the front line of the queue since noon. Just for us to be trampled and afraid for our lives,” Paige Osborne wrote this tweet.

“Bomb threat, someone in handcuffs at Doja Cat concert 10 min before we were supposed. I am LIVID,” Add another fan.

External sites are not under the control of BBC.See original Tweet on Twitter

Doja Cat took the stage at 21:40 after a short delay. She wore an outfit that paid tribute to the football champion.

In her set of 16 songs and 90 minutes, the star received eight Grammy Awards nominations.

The show wasn’t without its moments. After the singer/rapper threw two drumsticks at the crowd, a fight broke out.

“Hey, hey, hey. The star yelled “Chill, Chill” as she stopped the band.

Listen, there is no fighting. It’s too much for me to watch. You are important to me, but it is too cold outside for that.

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