British entrepreneur Nick D’Aloisio, who sold the mobile app Summly to Yahoo for $30m (£21.73m) at the age of 17, has sold his latest company to Twitter.

Tomas Halgas and Mr D’Aloisio founded the Sphere chat app.

Sphere connects people who are interested in the same topics and has been purchased for an undisclosed price. It will be closed in November.

The 20 staff members will be joining Twitter to incorporate their community features into Twitter.

  • Twitter will label bot accounts as “good”
  • Twitter users flood it with memes and outage jokes

It started out as an app for asking questions and allowing users to chat with paid experts. Nearly 500,000 users had used the same version by the end 2018

D’Aloisio claimed that the app’s community feature brought people who were interested in the same topic together.

He told BBC that “it was fascinating to see people talking about their interests throughout the day” and said it was not just talking with their Facebook friend, but also someone new they met.

The app gradually shifted to a greater emphasis on group chats.

Sphere features include:

  • Multiple chats can be created for one group
  • Send highlighted announcements to ensure that everyone in your group doesn’t miss anything
  • Send notifications to people or only those that have yet to receive a message.

Many messenger apps are geared towards groups of people who already know one another. But with Sphere, we wanted to create new dynamics and connect people all over the globe with common interests.

D’Aloisio claimed he was overwhelmed by the toxicity on Reddit. He also mentioned Twitch. Twitch. Twitter is widely criticised over its handling harassment and trolling.

Twitter added a prompt to its platform earlier in the year. It warns users about how their messages sound and then asks them if it’s still something they want to publish.

In September, the platform started testing its new safety mode. This will flag accounts with hateful remarks or people bombarding them with uninvited commentaries and then block them for seven consecutive days.

D’Aloisio stated that “they are as excited to figure out the problem around online communities.” It’s not just a fascinating problem but it is also necessary.

All groups can become real communities. However, most of these groups have problems with online communication, such as awkward silences and off-topic conversations.

We have learned that members of a group are more likely to feel welcome when they become a part of a larger community.

Twitter is working hard to improve its platform over the past months.

Before eventually acquiring audio rooms app Clubhouse, the company tried to purchase them. Twitter Spaces is a feature similar to the one it has just announced.

Also, in May It purchased news-reading company Scroll.According to the company, it plans on integrating those services into its own future services.


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