Britney Spears’s sister Jamie Lynn is growing in discord with their social media feud

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Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears together, 2003

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears are engaged. This is despite their recent television interview.

According to the singer, her younger sister used Wednesday’s interview “at my expense” in order to promote her new book.

Britney claimed Jamie Lynn “never had had to work to get anything”, and that her family “loves me to the bottom and hurt me.”

Jamie Lynn stated that Britney’s claims were “absolutely false” and that she is always there for her sister.

According to the 30-year-old, she also claimed that her family continued to receive death threats due to their aunt’s accusatory and vague posts.

Britney is a frequent critic of her family’s treatment during her 13-year conservatorship when her lifestyle and finances were managed by her father Jamie. A court ended the arrangement in November.

Jamie Lynn Spears: What was her opinion?

Britney’s sibling gave an interview to ABC’s Good Morning America to promote her memoir Things I Should’ve Said.

She reportedly writes about her life, which includes the tragic death of her little girl in 2017 as well as her love affair with Britney.

Jamie Lynn said during interview that she was “my sister’s greatest supporter” and “took steps” to end conservatorship.

ABC reports that Britney describes Britney in her book past behavior as “erratic”, paranoid, and “spiralling”.

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The programme was told by her: [the conservatorship]when I was 17, I had just given birth to my baby. At the time, I wasn’t sure what was happening and I couldn’t focus on it.

Jamie Lynn said that her sister approached her and asked if she would be able to ensure her boys had what they wanted. She agreed.

However, she said that once I realized she was under a conservatorship I began to feel like I did not want to be in the same boat. [it]She was able to leave the conservatorship, but maybe not. It was not me that overseen funds. I don’t know if it was, but at any rate, I didn’t take steps to be part of that.

What did Britney do?

TweetingBritney stated: “I checked my phone, and I see my sister did the interview in order to promote my book.”

“My sister mentioned that two things did not bother her: how I was acting out of control.

“She wasn’t around me 15 years ago… why even talk about it if she doesn’t want to sell a book for my benefit.”

Britney said that Jamie Lynn had previously performed remixes to her hits songs and she still felt upset.

The pop singer, 40 years old, wrote that “It may seem silly to some people but I wrote many of my songs and was the baby,” Her mother never made her work. All she needed was provided for.

I was always the larger person. “They all did it, they played it with me, and I just sat there and took it.”

She said, “Hope Jamie Lynn’s book goes well.”

Are things in order?

Britney’s comment was responded to by Jamie Lynn Spears who told her Instagram followers that “Quite frankly the things being stated are absolutely false.”

Although she said that her book was not about Britney alone, she added that “I cannot help but be a Spears myself, and some of my experiences include my sister.”

Jamie Lynn, who appeared on the Nickelodeon television shows All That, Zoey 101, and released her own music, spoke out about the “unhealthy chaos” that had dominated her life for so many years.

She stated that she had worked tirelessly since I was just a teenager.

“There is no other side, and there’s no drama. But I am speaking my truth for healing my traumas so that I can close this chapter, move on, and my sister would do the exact same.”

The Sun reported today that Britney would sit down for an interview with Oprah later in the year.

This hasn’t been confirmed yet, however Britney just indicatedTwitter: Her desire to be interviewed on Oprah.


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