Camilla, an Archers addict hosts the 70th Anniversary Reception

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The crew and cast of The Archers were hosted at Clarence House by The Duchess Of Cornwall

After recordings of The Archers were interrupted during Covid, the Duchess was forced to admit that she had suffered “severe withdrawal” symptoms.

The remarks were made by the Duchess of Cambridge while she hosted a reception to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of long-running drama about life in fictional Ambridge.

Camilla was able to record a scene for this occasion.

The show’s “Archers addict”, who was previously a guest, made an appearance.

The Duchess laughed and said she was known for becoming “quite ratty” when disturbed by the drama recorded in The Mailbox’s Birmingham studios.

This serial drama, the longest running in the world, was created with the purpose to educate farmers about modern farming methods.

The cast recorded the scenes during the pandemic coronavirus, which forced characters into one-way conversations.

She praised Clarence House’s efforts to raise awareness about topics like domestic violence, homophobia, and modern slavery at the Clarence House reception.

She said, “For 70 year’s of raising awareness about others’ hidden struggles we are deeply thankful.”

According to her, the show has been “a faithful companion for a large portion of my life.”

Like many Archers addicts I became agitated if disturbed between 7:15 and 7:15pm. And, just like so many others, suffered severe withdrawal symptoms after you were all taken into lockdown.

She said, “But…but I’m so glad that you’re here. Let’s continue it this way.”

As she watched, the actors recorded scenes in which Lilian Bellamy’s character, played by Sunny Ormonde could be heard telling Lynda, played as Carole Boyd to stop her from exploring upstairs.

Clarence House posted a Tweet pointing out the end of the episode’s official Twitter stream.

External sites are not under the control of BBC.See original Tweet on Twitter

Camilla was wearing an Archers badge and June Spencer (102 years old) joined her to make a tractor-themed Archers cake.

The actress told crew and cast that it was nice to name the faces. She added: “Now, let’s look forward to 70 years of Ambridge.” Don’t allow anything to stop you from broadcasting.

Camilla made a cameo during a BBC Birmingham visit in 2011 as part of an episode celebrating the 60th anniversary.

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