Catania in Sicilia was flooded by strong storms, resulting in the deaths of at least two.

For the third consecutive day, fierce storms battered Southern Italy on Tuesday. Some roads were completely submerged in Sicily.

Catania captured dramatic footage of water pouring through streets after floods inundated the city.

According to forecasters, a Mediterranean hurricane is threatening eastern Sicily. It’s also known as the Medicane.

The Department for Civil Protection in Italy issued Tuesday’s most severe weather warning for Sicily and Calabria.

Agency warned about potential dangers to lives and property damage from severe rain, thunderstorms, and gale force wind in these areas.

According to scientists, climate change is driving extreme weather more often and intensify.

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  • ANALYSIS Extreme rains in Europe made possible by human intervention

Salvo Pogliese the mayor of Catania said that parts of eastern Sicily are experiencing weather conditions “unprecedented”.

Catania’s mayor issued a directive to close all Catania-based businesses until Tuesday at midnight, citing the “seriousness” of the situation.

On Facebook, the mayor stated that he urged the population to stay home unless it was necessary for an emergency.

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Italian media reported that a 53 year-old man was killed when torrential rains struck Gravina in northern Catania.

After a body of a 67 year-old man was recovered on Monday, the victims died. Searchers are still looking for the 54-year-old woman who, along with her husband, was drowned in flood waters near Catania on Sunday.

Rain has deluged historical parts of Catania and turned Via Etnea’s high street into Via Etnea into a river, its squares into lakes.

There was a blackout that left businesses and homes without electricity. Schools were also closed in the area and surrounding towns.

According to La Repubblica, flooding caused the evacuation of buildings that belonged to Catania’s Garibaldi Hospital.

A spokesperson for the fire service said to Reuters that an emergency situation was widespread, extremely serious and is not improving.

Italian weather website iLMeteo stated that the storm is expected to worsen through the week, bringing heavy rains and flooding Thursday and Friday.


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