Monday, November 29, 2021


Trump at his Washington DC hotel

Report finds Trump’s DC hotel lost $70m during his presidency

A congressional investigation has revealed that Donald Trump, former US president, "grossly exaggerated” the profit of his Washington DC hotel. He also appeared to be hiding "potential conflict of interests".The Trump International Hotel...
A Liberty Steel worker

The industry calls for government intervention to address energy prices

In the face of rising gas prices, energy intensive industries such as steel producers and others have called for greater support from the government.The costs of businesses who use large amounts of energy...
The Pillar of Shame statue

Hong Kong: University orders Tiananmen statue's removal

University of Hong Kong has ordered that a statue honoring Tiananmen square massacre be destroyed. The Pillar of Shame portrays many torn and twisted body parts and is at the forefront of city...
Janet Yellen and Rishi Sunak

Nation agrees to 15% minimum corporate income tax rate

A historic agreement has been reached by most countries around the globe to guarantee that big corporations pay less tax. 13 countries have reached an agreement to implement a minimum 15% corporate income...
Russia labels reporters foreign agents after Nobel award

Russia declares journalists as foreign agents following Nobel prize

Russian authorities designated foreign agents several journalists and publications hours after Dmitry Muratov, an independent editor, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.Bellingcat investigative journalist Andrei Zakharov and BBC Russian journalist Andrei Zakharov were...
Dmitry Muratov

Maria Ressa, Dmitry Muratov – Working alongside the Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa, journalists from Russia, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their efforts to protect freedom expression in Russia and the Philippines. Each are well-known for their...
Sir Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis, ex-CEO of Tesco will be advising on supply chain crisis

Boris Johnson has named Sir Dave Lewis, former chief executive at Tesco, as his advisor to address the crisis in the supply chain that led to the shortage of petrol and other commodities.The...
The Amazon rainforest

Facebook takes action on Amazon rainforest illegally sold

Facebook announced on its Facebook page that it would begin to crack down on illegal selling of Amazon rainforest areas. After an investigation by the BBC, the policy was changed.This new measure...
Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov

Philippines journalist among joint Nobel Peace Prize winners

Dmitry Muratov, a journalist from Russia, and Maria Ressa a journalist in Russia have received the Nobel Peace Prize.The Nobel committee referred to them as "representatives all journalists who are committed to this...
A US diner

US Adds 194,000 Jobs in September, as Delta Hits Hiring

According to official statistics, the US gained 194,000 jobs last September and saw a 4.8% drop in unemployment. However, growth was slower than expected due to the drag of the Delta Covid variant....
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