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Cathay Pacific, an airline based in Hong Kong, is now imposing new rules on its crews as it attempts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

For the 21-day period, those returning from abroad are asked to “avoid unnecessary contact with others” and remain in their homes.

These regulations were last updated on Wednesday.

Hong Kong tightened the Covid-19 rules last month. These are among the most strict in the entire world.

Except for a handful of exceptions, most visitors to Hong Kong must undergo 14-21 days of quarantine at the hotel.

Cathay now has new rules that the Hong Kong Aircrew will have to follow within the first 3 days of arriving. They must not leave home except for essential activities (2 hours per day).

  • Shopping for food and daily essentials
  • Exercise outdoors
  • To seek medical attention/purchase essential medical supplies
  • Fulfilling all mandatory requirements for post-arrival testing

Crew members must then “avoid unnecessary contact” for 18 more days, and resume daily testing.

This announcement reminded all aircrews that they must adhere to strict isolation regulations while flying to other countries.

According to these rules, aircrews must travel together in company transportation directly to their hotels and use a face mask during the entire journey.

They must remain in the same room as they were when they arrived at the hotel for the entire duration of their layover.

Additionally, the company stated that all crew members should receive their third dose Covid-19 vaccine as soon after their six-month gap from their last dose. This must be done no later than April 30, 2022.

Cathay also asked pilots if they are able to move outside Hong Kong as part of its contingency planning in case there is a serious staff shortage.

Cathay stated Monday that any members of the aircrew staying in Frankfurt for more than 21 days would be subject to quarantine. The decision was made after three German cargo pilots contracted the coronavirus from Cathay.

In precautionary measures, the airline stated that layovers in Frankfurt would be suspended for cargo crew. Crew will also have to submit daily Covid test results.

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