China denies reports it had tested a hypersonic nuclear-capable missile in the spring, insisting that this was just a routine check of spacecraft.

Washington raised concern after the Financial Times published an initial report. It was reported that US intelligence was taken by surprise.

Hypersonic missiles can be intercepted more easily because they’re faster than regular ones.

As concerns grow about China’s nuclear capabilities, this is a good sign.

Zhao Lijian (foreign ministry spokesperson) said that an August routine test had been conducted in order to confirm different types of spacecraft technology.

He said, “This wasn’t a missile. This was a spacecraft.” This is a significant step in reducing costs for spacecraft usage.

Zhao also said many other countries have conducted similar tests in the recent past. Zhao replied yes to a question from Financial Times asking if he thought the report contained errors.

According to a Saturday report, five sources unnamed claimed that the hypersonic missile was launched during summer. According to the report, it flew through low-orbit orbit before cruised down and narrowly missed its target.

The report stated that “The test revealed that China has made remarkable progress in hypersonic weapons technology and is far ahead of what US officials thought.”

  • The tension between Taiwan and China is deeply worrying for the United States
  • North Korea claims it has fired new hypersonic rockets

Robert Wood, US disarmament Ambassador to the United States stated that Monday’s US disarmament ambassador was concerned and said Washington has “resisted” military applications of this technology.

He said that Russia and China had both been actively seeking military use, so the US was “obligated to reply in kind”.

Reporters in Geneva were told by him that they don’t know any way to protect against such technology. He also said Russia, China and China are not experts.

Mike Gallagher (a Republican member on the House Armed Services Committee) had earlier warned Washington that it could lose another Cold War with China if Washington continued to follow its current strategy.

China and the US have strained relations, with Beijing accusing President Joe Biden of being hostile.

Many Western countries are also concerned by China’s military prowess.

Michael Shoebridge from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute was the director of defense, strategy, and national security.

He stated that he didn’t consider it more significant than China‚Äôs increasing missile silos or its new air-launch nuclear weapons, or submarine nuclear weapons. It fits into a pattern that is increasing capabilities. [without]Transparency

“Transparency, a foreign concept to Beijing’s strategic thought leaders,” he said.

China showed what looked like a hypersonic platform for missiles at its recent military show.

China and Russia are also working together on hypersonic weapon technology.

These can fly faster than sound at five times speed and can also deliver nuclear weapons, similar to ballistic missiles.

North Korea announced last month that it had tested its new hypersonic weapon. Russia announced a similar feat in July and stated that the missile was launched from an aircraft carrier in White Sea.


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