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In Beijing, China, a woman walks her dogs in the Covid-19 epidemic

Social media fury and the dismissal of a worker in health caused by the killing of a Chinese pet dog while its owner was being held in Covid-19 Quarantine.

The incident was captured on video in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. It appeared that one of Covid’s health workers, who was disinfecting the woman’s home, beat the dog using a crowbar.

The security camera recorded it.

Owner posted footage on the internet stating that she was keeping her pet in quarantine at a hotel that does not permit pets.

A statement was issued by local authorities apologizing and stating that one health worker had been fired. But, it claimed that the dog had been “harmless” disposed of.

Shangrao was the neighbourhood where the owner of this dog lived. It had been designated as a Covid-19 control area. This meant that residents were placed in quarantine and their homes disinfected by health workers.

China’s zero-Covid strategy has been criticized for its inability to respond quickly to each case with large scale programs of testing and tracing, as well as local lockdowns that include forced quarantine.

  • China’s efforts to attain zero Covidence

China’s Weibo, which has a similar platform to Twitter, expressed outrage at the incident. Even though the original posting by the dog owner was removed, the video has been seen millions of times and it was one of the most popular topics on Weibo Sunday.

The most loved post was one which read “Who allowed them to kill her dog and break into her house?”

Another stated that it was a violation to a citizen’s privacy as well as her property’s security.

One Weibo user said: Pets are private property of their owners and cannot be taken away without their permission. Culling must be supported by solid scientific evidence, even if it is absolutely necessary.

After its owner sent it to quarantine, the Shangrao dog was not believed to be the first one killed in China. Two cats from Chengdu had their Covid-19 test positive earlier in the month.

There were also reports that in September three Harbin cats, in Heilongjiang’s province, were put to death while their owner was still in quarantine.

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