China: Fever patient treated by a doctor

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Covid-related symptoms are only available at certain Chinese hospitals (file image of Covid testing)

China’s Zhoukou district has charged a doctor with treating a fever patient in a hospital that does not have a fever clinic.

In China, patients suffering from possible Covid symptoms cannot be treated in general hospitals.

Guo is the surname for this physician, who was arrested on suspicion that they “obstruct the prevention and controlling of infectious disease.”

China pursues a zero Covid policy with an aggressive elimination strategy.

Authorities in Henan reported that Guo treated the patient at Zhoukou’s hospital from 29 Oct to 2 Nov last year.

Guo was vice-director of the hospital. However, Guo had not established fever clinics in its operation.

Patients with Covid-like symptoms in China are forbidden from being treated by doctors at hospitals without fever clinics.

Patients are instead to be sent “fever clinics”, which are medical facilities originally established to treat the 2002 severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), to avoid further infection.

We don’t know how this alleged incident occurred or why Guo decided to take care of the patient.

Guo could face seven years imprisonment if convicted according to the state-run news agency Xinhua.

China is currently facing sporadic Covid outbreaks and emerging Omicron variant cases in cities such as Xi’an, Yuzhou. Both of these were placed under total lockdown.

People are being advised by authorities to remain put during the peak Chinese New Year travel season that begins at the beginning of January and continues well into February. During this time, millions are expected to take trips.

Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in Beijing at the beginning of January, casting doubt on its ability to keep its zero-Covid position.

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