China gives China vaccinations to Nicaragua after it severed ties with Taiwan

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Nicaragua received its first shipment from Sinopharm.

After Taiwan cut diplomatic ties, Nicaragua received 1 million Covid vaccines in China.

On Sunday, representatives of government returned from Central America with the news about the donation.

Local media broadcast footage of an Air China aircraft landing carrying the first 200,000 doses the Sinopharm vaccine.

Officials expressed gratitude for the restoration of relations with Beijing.

“We’re back now with the great news of a donation of 1 million vaccines to Nicaraguans,” said Laureano Ortega Morillo, the son and advisor of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

Only 38% are currently fully vaccinated in Nicaragua, but 67% of those who have been vaccinated at least once have.

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Taiwan authorities were dismayed by China’s switch in loyalty to Central American nations last week. Taipei stated that it was “deeply sorry” Nicaragua had “disregarded many long years of friendship”.

Taiwan used to be a major trade partner of Nicaragua. However, Nicaragua’s President declared last week that Taiwan is now an unalienable territory of China.

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Beijing regards Taiwan as a separatist province, to be reunified one day with the mainland.

However, Taiwan sees itself as a democratically-governed, independent country, though it has never formally declared independence from the mainland.

Tsai-Ing-wen, Taiwan’s President, stated that Nicaragua’s actions were unacceptable. “No external pressure could shake our resolve to freedom, rights and the rule of the law, as well as to working with the international democracy community to achieve good.”

China insisted on the fact that countries who want formal diplomatic relations must abandon their ties to Taipei.

The Taiwanese diplomatic alliances – mostly from the Pacific or Latin American regions – have declined to 21 and 14 respectively since 2016 when President Tsai was elected.

Washington and its allies recently have used increasingly strong rhetoric to support the island, thereby increasing tension with Beijing.

Lithuania, an EU member country opened also a de facto Embassy in Taiwan last month. China protested and downgraded its diplomatic engagement.


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