China: China photographer sorry for Dior image with’small eyes.

Image source, Chen Man/Dior
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Some Chinese criticised Chen Man’s Dior picture

Chinese fashion photographer, Angie Liu, has apologized for “ignorance” following outrage over a photo she had taken for French luxury brand Dior.

Chen Man snapped Chen Man as a photo of a woman that some Chinese netizens believed perpetuated Western stereotypes regarding Asian faces.

I blame myself for my ignorance and immaturity [in my past works]”It’s a good idea,” wrote Ms Chen (41), on Weibo.

Dior claimed that the photo was removed from an exhibit in Shanghai recently.

“Dior respects, as ever, the sentiments and feelings of the Chinese people…” If there are any mistakes, [Dior]”You must be willing to receive feedback, and then correct them promptly,” The fashion house posted on Weibo on Wednesday night. It also stated that it was an art piece and not a commercial advertisement.

On 12 November the photo was displayed for the first time. However, it immediately attracted backlash from netizens (habitual internet users) and local media outlets.

China’s ideal beauty features are large, fair eyes and big skin. More advertisements feature these features.

An editorial published by Beijing Daily compared the Dior model to have a “gloomy look” and dark eyes.

The editorial stated that Asian women are known for their small eyes and bright freckles. “The photographer is pretending to be a brand or representing the aesthetic taste of the west,” said the editorial.

Chinese social media users agreed that Ms Chen’s photographs were an insulting portrayal of how Western women believed Chinese women to look.

One user shared the following on Weibo: “This is what Westerners think we look like,” he said, adding that Chen Man has played up to it. Many others said they would not buy luxury brands.

China Women’s News posted a comment saying that “swollen single eyes” caused people to feel uncomfortable.

Chinese Internet users noticed that the photo reminded Ms Chen of her 2012 photo series which she had taken for i-D Magazine.

Not all were on board. Ms Chen was supported by some, and one Weibo user said: “Why can’t a Chinese lady with small eyes be also considered beautiful?” “I don’t see any issue with that.”

On Wednesday, Ms. Chen stated that she “reflected deeply” on her art and felt the need to apologize after having read “almost every negative comment.”

“I was born in China and raised there. My country is a special place to me. She said that as an artist, she is fully aware of her responsibility to capture Chinese culture through my art and show off the beauty of China.”

“I’ll learn more about Chinese history and attend relevant events to improve my ideologies. “I will try to tell China’s history through my work.”

In the Chinese fashion scene, Ms Chen is an established photographer. Her covers have been featured in top magazines and she has also photographed celebrity stars Fan Bingbing and David Beckham.

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