Colombia President condemns Nazi-themed Police Event

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President Iván Duque said those responsible would be held to account (file photo)

Colombian President Iván Duque has condemned the actions of police cadets who dressed as Nazis as part of a ceremony meant to honour Germany.

The so-called cultural exchange event caused outrage after photos shared on Thursday showed cadets at the Simón Bolívar police school in SS uniforms.

On Friday, Mr Duque stated that any apology for Nazism was unacceptable.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party in Germany murdered six million Jews during World War Two.

Hitler’s war against Europe’s Jewish community and other minorities was known as the Holocaust.

Images from the ceremony at the police academy in the city of Tuluá earlier this week showed Nazi flags and other regalia on display, while cadets were seen wearing Swastika armbands – and one also appeared to be wearing a Hitler moustache.

Colombian-dressed police officers were seen opening the event with a ribbon cutting.

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On Twitter, Mr Duque stated that he condemned any display which uses symbols related to the Jewish Holocaust.

He said those involved in organising the police event in Tuluá, western Colombia, and any participants would be held to account.

The academy’s head has been fired.

The official police Twitter account that posted the images said the event in Tuluá was organised as part of an “international week” aimed at “strengthening the knowledge of our police students”.

Ambassadors from Israel and Germany urged Colombian to be more educated about the Holocaust.

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