Officials have warned Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, that China’s President Xi Jinping will not attend the COP26 Climate Summit in November.

Sources in the UK confirmed that Johnson was told by The Times that the Chinese leader wasn’t expected to visit.

According to reports, Chinese officials haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of a change in plans.

COP26 will be held in Glasgow between 31 October and 12 November.

Meetings will be held with leaders from all over the globe to talk about ways to reduce global temperatures rising due to human activities.

The attendance of President Xi at COP26 is long in doubt. Since early 2020, it is believed that he has not fled China.

Sources in government said that Chinese officials were not certain about President Trump’s travel plans. They also acknowledged the possibility that Xi might change his mind at any moment and surprise the summit.

According to a Whitehall source, “They would like to be seen as green leaders”

Diplomats claimed that China would often announce President Xi’s travel plans in the last moment. One stated, “We don’t give up on hope.” He is still being urged to attend.

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Chinese officials informed Italian diplomats, in September, that President Xi didn’t plan to attend a G20 summit in Rome on Oct 30. This event immediately follows the COP26 summit. The reason was China’s Covid regulations.

Western diplomats stated that there was genuine concern among Chinese officials about being able protect Mr. Xi from Covid in China.

Alok Sharma (UK COP President) told Andrew Marr on 19 September that President Xi was uncertain about his attendance.

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister, announced that he was going to the conference. Last month, he suggested that he may skip the meeting.

Australia is a major producer of gas and coal. It has received poor rankings for its policies on climate change and emissions reductions. According to one report, Australia was last in climate action among the 193 UN member states.

There is pressure on the country to make faster and stronger changes.

The summit is not the only one that President Xi skips.

Apart from Pope Francis (who said he hoped to travel but had just undergone colon surgery), no other major leader has confirmed that they will not be attending the COP26 summit.

However, some people have reservations about going, including some leaders of some the largest carbon emitters in the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated Wednesday that he will not be attending “due the pandemic condition”.

Russia set the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70-75% from 1990 levels by 2030.

After missing the previous summit, President Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil and President NarendraModi (India) have yet to confirm their presence.

The heads of five top emitters in the world – China India Japan America Russia – were not able to attend the COP 2019 meeting.


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