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Caption for the image Glasgow has seen protestors already make their presence known ahead of the COP26

Nicola Sturgeon urged those protesting the COP26 climate change conference to not disrupt the lives of Glasgow residents.

Extinction Rebellion, a group that advocates for high-impact action to exert pressure on leaders at the table during the negotiations has stated they have plans.

MSPs in opposition have called on police to use a “zero-tolerance” approach.

The minister stated that officers will facilitate peaceful and appropriate protest during the two week event.

But she asked for activists to acknowledge that Glasgow residents are already facing disruption as a result of the conference. She also requested they not add to it.

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From Sunday, the UN-led summit will be a central point of protests. Greta Thnberg has confirmed she will participate in a Glasgow “climate strike” on November 5.

BBC Scotland was informed today by activists against climate change that they would be holding more direct action protests in Glasgow to pressure politicians to listen to them and to act.

Greenpeace stated that its members would look for “a large impact” and “contribute to the sense of pressure world leaders must feel”, while Extinction Rebellion leadership said that they will target “deliberate disruption wherever it is going to have the greatest impact”.

Some government ministers also said they planned to attend events. Lorna, the leader of Scottish Green, claimed that protest is “meant to be disruptive”.

Douglas Ross, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives at Holyrood said that there is “real potential” to protests that “risk public security”, and called for “zero tolerance” towards actions that prevent residents from carrying on their daily lives.

He stated that he respected the rights of protestors to voice their opinions, but could not stand by and permit deliberate and potentially dangerous disruption of lives.

Ms Sturgeon claimed that police had to make decisions about how to handle protests. However, she said she felt confident Police Scotland (which will have 10,000 officers every day of conference) would be able to handle any issue.

She stated that the chief constable, whom I will have further conversations with today and tomorrow, has made it clear that there would be sensitive policing operations that will facilitate peaceful and appropriate protest.

Police Scotland is prepared to respond to protests which are unreasonable or attempt to disrupt the law.

Given the seriousness of the topic under discussion, “people want to make their voice heard.”

“But I advise people who want to go to Glasgow to do so peacefully. It is important to recognize that Glasgow has agreed to host the conference. They are also experiencing disruption. So don’t create more chaos for them.”

After concerns about the strike by cleansing staff, Ms Sturgeon said that she felt confident Glasgow would host the conference.

Anas Sarwar, leader of Scottish Labour, claimed that the SNP was destroying the city. He said local services are struggling to cope with the “tonnes” of trash piling up in the streets and fly-tipping is on the increase.

He stated that Glasgow deserves better – Nicola Sturgeon lectures the world about the global environment, while simultaneously cutting cleansing budgets and neglecting local environments.

First minister: “I don’t shy away form the problems and challenges cities such as Glasgow face – it isn’t unique here.

“But I will not stand by and let Glasgow, one the most beautiful cities in the globe, be reduced for political reasons.”

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