Couple responsible for killing Arthur Labinjo Hughes are in prison

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Emma Tustin convicted Arthur’s murder. Thomas Hughes convicted him of manslaughter

For the murder and torture of Arthur Labinjo, his 6-year-old boy, Arthur Labinjo Hughes was killed and a man was sentenced to 21 years in prison and 29 years for his partner.

Emma Tustin (32) murdered the boy last year after inflicting a severe head injury on him at her Solihull house.

The image was sent by Thomas Hughes to Hughes’ father, Thomas Hughes.

Hughes was found guilty of boy’s murder.

Justice Mark Wall QC, sentencing, said that the case was one of the “most distressing and troubling” he’d ever had to deal with.

He claimed that neither the defendant nor his accomplice had ever shown any repentance and that their actions were “spiteful, sadistic.”

The most worrying aspect of the case, said he, was the fact Tustin’s children, Tustin and Arthur, lived “a perfectly happy existence in that house”, just yards away from the place where Arthur suffered unimaginable abuse.

Arthur, who was being tried at Coventry Crown Court, testified that he had been given salt poisoning, suffered beatings and left to stand in silence for many hours.

According to the judge, “The cruel and inhuman treatment Arthur received was deliberate by you. You did this so that Arthur’s cries of help could be dismissed as his own naughtiness.”

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Tustin received a lifetime sentence for murder. He was also sentenced for child cruelty to four children, including intimidation and lacing Arthur’s meals with salt.

Hughes was found guilty on two counts for cruelty but cleared of the second relating Arthur’s salt poisoning. The third relates to withholding food, drink and was sentenced instead to nine years. These sentences will be served concurrently by both killers.

Tustin declined to go into the courtroom to hear Arthur’s victim impact statements or sentencing remarks.

Arthur’s mother stated in a victim impact statement that her son’s death was a tragedy.

Olivia Labinjo Halcrow said that life as we know it will not exist again. Every day I feel empty, it’s like I walk around in darkness.

“He was the brightest part of me, my best friend.” He was an extremely precious gift.

Ms Labinjo Halcrow is currently in prison after she killed her ex-partner in 2019. Madeleine Halcrow (Arthur’s maternal grandmother), read the statement. Madeleine broke down as she spoke.

Joanne Hughes (Arthur’s maternal grandmother) also gave a statement, in which she stated that the 6-year-old is the “sunlight” of her family.

She continued, “His passing has made our lives perpetually grey.”

According to Ms Hughes, Tustin is remorseless. She said that the only thing she feels sorry for was herself.

Her statement also indicated that it was clear that Arthur failed the authorities, which we are lead to believe are meant to provide safety for everyone.

After social workers visited Arthur’s house months prior to his death, they found nothing concerning the circumstances. A thorough case review has been initiated.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, said Friday that details about the case are “deeply concerning” and that his thoughts were with Arthur’s loved ones.

Number 10, a spokesperson, stated that they would take all necessary steps following the review into Arthur’s death.

Fans of football have organized tributes to Arthur. They even had a banner placed at Arthur’s beloved Birmingham City. He will also be remembered at this weekend’s Blues away match with Millwall.

NSPCC spokesperson said that charity had “struggled to deal with Arthur Labinjo Hughes” prior to his murder.

“This sentence marks the completion of the first step in attaining some kind of justice for Arthur.”

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