Covid-19 Chinese Woman in Lockdown With Blind Date

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Ms. Wang spent at most four days in lockdown with her date

According to reports, a Covid-19 lockdown quickly in China led to a woman being stuck at the home of a man she had met blindly.

One woman, identified only by Ms Wang, wrote on Chinese social networking platform WeChat last Wednesday that she had been locked down with her partner after having visited the house of Mr. Wang for dinner.

The post stated that she recently traveled from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou in preparation for the Lunar New Year.

She wrote that “I am getting old” and her parents had arranged for more than 10 blind dates. Her fifth date said that he was “good at cooking” and she invited her to their home so they could prepare a meal.

But, while she was enjoying the meal, she realized that her date’s entire community had been put under lockdown by Covid-19. She ended up staying at his place for several days.

Ms. Wang said that she’d been trapped for four days at the house of her date, which was not ideal.

She said, however that she had been cooking every day for her boyfriend while they were separated.

But she added that “he does not speak much”.

However, it is not clear if she remains at the house of her boyfriend. Recent cases of Covid-19 in Zhengzhou have been reported.

According to the Global Times newspaper, there have been over 100 instances of Covid-19 in Zhengzhou during the last week.

On Tuesday, non-essential business were forced to close in the city. Large-scale Covid-19 testing droves were also conducted to check for “silent Covid-19” carriers.

China’s zero Covid-19 policy means that communities are regularly locked down when the virus is detected.

Not only is Ms. Wang the latest victim of lockdowns being applied swiftly, but so are many others.

A man was locked up in the middle and northern cities of Xi’an last month by his housemate.

Media was told that he wasn’t allowed to complete his luggage collection from the car and had to inquire about borrowing a duvet from neighbors.

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