Covid in Scotland – Nicola Sturgeon gives an update on cases rising

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Over the last week, covid cases in Scotland reached new records

Holyrood will be addressed by the first minister as Covid cases in Scotland are on the rise.

After Monday’s 20,217 positive results, a record number of 17,259 additional cases were reported Tuesday.

Nicola Sturgeon indicated last week that her hope was to update the public on any changes in self-isolation.

As has been the case in other areas of Britain, it has been recommended that Scotland’s government cut its waiting period from 10 to 7 days.

As the Omicron variant spreads throughout the country, more than 16,000 Covid cases per day are being reported. This is an increase from the average of 6,000 for Christmas.

Record highs have also been set for the percentage of positive cases, as 35.3% reported Tuesday were positive.

ScotRail was forced to adopt a reduced timetable in January due to staffing cuts by Covid. CalMac also had to cut some ferry service.

  • ScotRail services are reduced because of Covid shortages
  • Covid testing system: ‘Congestion Warning’
  • Weather and Covid are to blame for ferry cancellations

Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has called for the self isolation period to be reduced to seven days if there are two positive tests returned within the last two days. Household contacts should also be permitted to escape isolation in case they fail to test negative.

Ross claimed that Scotland had the “strictest self-isolation regulations anywhere in the United Kingdom.”

“We appreciate the need to exercise caution. However, Nicola Sturgeon’s dithering is still having a significant impact on the frontline service sector. This is due to the sheer number of individuals she must isolate.”

Wales and Northern Ireland have made changes to their self-isolation laws in the last week.

Jackie Baillie, deputy leader of Scottish Labour, echoed the comments made by Mr Ross.

Ms Baillie also serves as the party’s spokeswoman for the health.

John Swinney (Deputy First Minister) stated that Tuesday’s move was being “actively considered” by the government, and also said “further details” would have been shared with the Scottish Parliament in its virtual session Wednesday.

He continued, “We will obviously look at the clinical guidance that is vital in the handling this because… we don’t in any way shape or form serve anyone’s interest if the clinical dimension and risk of transmission of allowing people to return the workplace if the virus remains in them are ignored.”

Mitigating Measures

The University of Edinburgh’s Dr Christine Tait-Burkard is a public health expert who has stated that Omicron cases are almost certain to rise as students return from school because of the transmittable nature of this new variant.

BBC Scotland was told by Dr Tait Burkard that cases are likely to rise, despite mitigation measures.

She stated, “It is almost certain that when schools return, it will be even more,”

“The virus is quite prevalent among the people at this time.

“The virus was found in one in forty people in Scotland the week before, which means that once schools are back, Omicron is highly transmissible, more will be infected. That’s almost certain.”

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