Covid in Wales: Betsi Health Board delays operations, Cwm Taf Pressure Warning

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Betsi Cadwaladr staff administered 66,000 doses of vaccines last week to patients. That’s twice as many as the week before.

In north Wales, non-urgent surgeries and procedures are being delayed so that the NHS can concentrate on Covid jabs.

Also, a warning letter was sent out to south-east Wales residents about the “bleak outlook” for NHS and CwmTaf Morgannwg area care services.

Betsi Cadwaladr has postponed non-urgent surgeries starting on Monday in north Wales.

The new vaccination record for Wales, Sunday’s 47,800 jabs, was established on Sunday.

In Wales, 163 additional cases of Omicron coronavirus have been reported. This brings the total number to 435.

Betsi Cadwaladr’s executive medical director Dr Nick Lyons apologized for putting off services until January 4.

“Our staff will be doing everything possible to provide booster jabs for all adults eligible in the next ten days ahead of the anticipated peak Omicron cases at January,” he stated.

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We have made the difficult but necessary decision to delay non-urgent procedures, operations and outpatient appointments in order to ensure we are able to deploy our staff efficiently.

“We’ve also requested all non-essential service be stopped to enable staff to get out to the campaign to administer vaccinations.”

Darren Millar (Member of the Senedd) for Clwyd West said that it was a devastating blow and particularly distressing for more than 40,000 patients who had been waiting over 12 months to be treated.

‘Severely stretched’

Cwm Taf’s health board, which includes Rhonda Cynon Taf and Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil, has council leaders and officials from the health sector. They said that local hospitals are “extremely crowded” and that ambulance services were “severely over-extended”.

They wrote that although it was a dark picture, they wanted to share the reality of what the challenges were.

The increased demands and ongoing challenges in managing Covid-19 across all our services are putting immense stress on the entire health and social care system.

We know our staff will respond quickly to these pressing issues, however we recognize that many of your experiences with the waits and delays for care are very similar to what we see.


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