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Austria’s vaccination rate is among the lowest in Europe.

Carina is a Vienna-based yoga instructor who has not been vaccinated against Covid-19. She wants to keep it that way.

As such, she’s now in lockdown with two million others unvaccinated Austrians.

She is only allowed to leave her home for essential reasons like work or shopping for food, and is barred from cafés and restaurants. She is permitted to exercise in Vienna’s parks, so I was able to meet her.

Carina claims she does not understand why the lockdown is necessary and it causes her to feel very sad.

I was told by her that she had seen some cafés while walking this morning. It’s strange to see inside, and know I can’t get in. You feel excluded and marginalized.

“I’m made into enemy,” she declared. That doesn’t go well with me.”

“I don’t want people getting sick. I take care. I get tested. I am not very at risk [from Covid-19]It’s something that I believe is a personal choice. It’s okay for people to have their shots, but I don’t understand why people aren’t.

Protests were organized in various parts of the country against the lockdown.

The police say that they’ll conduct spot inspections of people who are in public and will fine those who don’t provide a proof of their recovery or vaccination.

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Austria is home to around 65% of all people who are fully immunized, which is one of the lowest in Western Europe.

The highest daily incidence of Covid-19 infections in the country since the outbreak is ongoing.

Alexander Schallenberg (Chancellor) says the government was forced into action by the rise in new infections.

According to him, the vaccine rate is “shamefully low”, and “keeps us in a vicious cycle from one lockdown the next.”

Austrians are being jabbed more frequently since the tightening of restrictions. One Vienna vaccine centre has seen long lines. Many people were here for booster shots and others to get their first vaccines.

Head of the Austrian Medical Chamber Dr Thomas Szekeres says that he hopes the vaccine rate will increase to at least 80%.

He said, “We are certain that vaccines will reduce the incidence of infection.” We know this because we’ve seen it in other countries. We believe that the Austrian government will reduce the amount of infectious diseases by imposing a lockdown on unvaccinated Austrians. However, experts disagree on this. We might need more measures in order to achieve the reduction goal.

Although many Austrians are happy with the increased vaccinations, some worry that there is no constitutional safeguard for those who have not been vaccinated.

Karl Weller, Viennese businessman said that he was very supportive of the jab. He said, “It’s necessary for our economic health.”

But I believe it is a disaster to separate the unvaccinated from those who have been vaccinated. People get more and more angry. They fear for their lives.

The vaccinated cannot shop for clothing or other non-essential items.

Doris was in Vienna and said that she had lost patience with people who refused to be jabbered.

“We all need to get vaccinated. That’s the only way. It’s the only way to solve this problem. And if we don’t, the problem will continue for years. We really do want it to go away.”


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