After the unexpected victory of opposition parties in parliamentary elections, Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to hospital.

The 77-year old is an ex-smoker and smoker who used to drink heavily. She also uses a wheelchair, and has type 2 diabetes.

After Saturday’s election, he was scheduled to chair talks about forming a government.

Prague’s Central Military Hospital Director stated that Mr Zeman is in intensive care due to complications caused by a diagnosis.

According to the President’s request, the hospital refused to provide any additional information. After spending eight days at the hospital, Mr Zeman’s office previously stated that he is now suffering from exhaustion as well as dehydration.

Rob Cameron, BBC Prague correspondent, said that officials had not responded to claims from multiple sources that he was suffering from ascites. Ascites is a buildup of fluid in his abdomen which is most common with cirrhosis.

Shortly after meeting with Prime Minister Andrej Básis, Mr Zeman was brought to the Prague presidential chateau.

Czech media reports that staff lifted his head upon entering the hospital.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Babis (and his populist ANO) party sought to reelect themselves after four years at the helm. However, they lost the election to the center-right coalition Spolu (“meaning Together”) which won 27.8% of vote to ANO’s 27.1%.

Spolu announced that talks have begun with the Liberal Pirates/Mayors coalition, known as PirStan, to create a government. They control 108 seats in parliament.

But President Zeman stated before the election that he would choose the winner of each party’s largest single vote and not a coalition to form his next government.

ANO received the highest number of votes than any other party. This would make Prime Minister Babis an all-ally of President Zeman’s.

President Obama announced that he would vote for billionaire Prime Minister before the polls. However, due to his declining health, he had to bring a ballot box to the election.

According to Reuters news agency the Czech constitution gives the lower house the right to appoint a prime minister if the president position is vacated.

Zeman, a controversial figure, is well-known for his divisive comments and use of strong language. He was criticized for his comments in June calling transgender persons “disgusting.”


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