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Demand date from travel bosses for PCR switch

by Lester Blair
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Airlines and tour operators have asked the government for information about when Covid testing will be changed to fully-vaccinated travelers.

Grant Shapps (Transport Secretary) stated that the PCR test results from last month’s “day two”, would now be replaced by cheaper lateral flow testing starting “the middle of October”.

However, no details are available.

Steve Heapy is the Jet2.com boss and Jet2holidays’ chief executive. He stated: “It’s time for UK to confirm when these changes will be in force.”

He stated, “Hard-working clients and their families don’t need delays or speculation. They deserve clarity so they can plan for and look forward to the holidays.”

According to Mr Shapps, he expressed hope that the changes would be implemented “in time so people can return from their half-term vacations, and certainly before the end of October”.

After a tough 18-month, Jet2, Britain’s second largest tour operator saw an increase in bookings. According to Jet2, the travel company, “Thanks to demand, half term is extremely busy and we’ll operate up to 2,500 weekly flight.”

If they are not fully vaccinated, travellers returning to the UK will need to take the Covid test. The test must include PCR.

They will need to be vaccinated on their arrival.

The new regulations will see the PCR test replaced by a more affordable lateral flow test if the person is fully vaccinated. However, it remains to be determined when the date for the change. You aren’t fully vaccinated.

  • More accurate than initially thought lateral flow test
  • Minister proposes to amend travel test by the half-term
  • Test shortage delays the change to travel rule

PCR testing has been controversially expensive in spring and summer. Many travellers complained of being ripped off, with PCR tests costing as much as £75 to £100 a person.

According to industry leaders, these high costs created a barrier for consumers booking flights and impeded the recovery of the aviation sector.

Tim Alderslade (chief executive at Airlines UK), which represents the major UK carriers and airlines, echoed these criticisms.

He stated that passengers don’t know what kind of tests will be required. It is crucial to understand the details and it can take time. However, we need this information urgently so people can plan for the future.

It’s an important week for all carriers and families who want to escape. It is crucial that families are reassured they will not need to undergo expensive PCR tests.

Half-term holidays start in certain areas of England on Friday. Other schools in England, Wales and the United Kingdom follow suit in October’s last week.

Schools in Northern Ireland have only a brief break during October, while half-terms in Scotland are already underway.

Rory Boland is the travel editor for Which?. He stated that “Travellers were advised to delay booking half-term holiday tests by government until more information was available. Those details never arrived.

The risk is now that an unprecedented amount of people will rush to book last-minute tests through a system that has been repeatedly proven incapable of handling the increasing number of travellers.

Booking travel in these current times can be very stressful and will require a lot of research. How can you do your research if you don’t know what questions to ask?

Although international travel was not on many people’s agenda, there has been a rebound in demand for popular destinations.

Jet2 also stated that “Majorca Canaries, Turkey and Majorca are especially popular.”

The government stated that “From late Oct, eligible full-vaccinated passengers, including children under 18, returning from a country outside the United States, will have the opportunity to substitute their day two tests with a lower lateral flow, which is followed by a free PCR if they are positive. This will reduce the cost of the test upon arrival into England.”

Protecting the UK’s public health has been a core principle of government travel policies.

Source: BBC.com

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