Demonstrators demand an end to violence towards women and are escalating in clashes

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Protesters demanded action to end gender-based violence

Mexico and Turkey have used tear gas, smoke bombs and other force against protesters calling to end violence against women.

Protesters marched in thousands to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Attacks.

However, clashes broke out in Istanbul with the security forces.

Mexico City police used smoke bombs against a few hammer wielding protesters trying to take their shields.

Crowds chanted “Not one (woman), less” in Mexico City to call for an end to femicide, the deliberate murder of women due to their gender.

Amnesty International reports that 10 to 15 girls and women per day are shot in Latin America.

“Femicide Mexico! We’re being killed by them!” According to reports, one woman shouted out during a dispute with the police.

According to local media, some hooded demonstrators fired flares and stones at police officers. During the march 17 people were hurt, 10 of them female officers. Police report.

This protest was held in Istanbul’s Taksim Square just months after Turkey resigned from an international treaty that protected women.

As protestors demanded their dispersal, police fought with them.

Pictured were many demonstrators holding banners, while others demanded that the government resign after it withdrew from the Istanbul Convention in Juni.

Recep Tayyip Erdan, the Turkish president’s party, had claimed that the deal was incompatible with Turkey’s conservative beliefs. Erdogan claimed that Turkey would protect women through local laws.

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According to one protester, “Women being killed.” They are being murdered in public. Since June, we’ve begun to lose the security guarantees that protected us.

We will continue fighting for justice.

Turkish rights organizations claim 345 female victims of violence have already been murdered this year.

These rallies were held to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

There were also hundreds of people who marched in Paris, Barcelona, and London.


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