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Domino’s seeks 8,000 drivers before Christmas rush

by Lester Blair
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Domino’s Pizza claims it will hire over 8,000 drivers in Ireland and the UK in the lead-up to Christmas.

Fast-food chains have already hired thousands of people in order to meet demand over the last year.

This latest development comes amid a continuing shortage in goods vehicle drivers throughout the UK.

Domino’s claimed that it offers good long-term prospects because more than 90% have started as kitchen managers or delivery drivers.

The company also stated that the majority of jobs offered were not only for Christmas but permanent.

According to Indeed’s analysis, however, the company may have difficulty recruiting workers.

The share of job seekers searching for seasonal jobs was down by 33% and 27% respectively at the beginning of the month.

Domino’s stated that they were hiring 5,000 drivers and cooks in June as employees who had joined the company during the pandemic return to previous roles.

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Nicola Frampton, Domino’s operations director, stated that 2021 has been a very busy year so far for her firm but she believes the most busiest time is “just around the corner”.

Delivery drivers are essential to providing the services we offer our customers, and to the success of our company. We’re interested in hearing from anyone who is looking to be a part of this team.”

At the same time, Domino’s said sales in the 13 weeks to 26 September were up 8.8% on a like-for-like basis to £375.8m.

Store orders rose 40% to 82%, compared with pre-pandemic levels.

After opening five stores during the most recent trading period, the chain stated that it still had 30 more locations to open this year.

It sold 7 pizzas every minute during 13 weeks. The peak of online orders was 13 per second on July 3, when England played against Ukraine at the Euro 2020 soccer tournament.

However, it warned of supply chain problems as well rising salaries that were beginning to affect the economy.

We have noticed some impacts from well-publicized pressures on labor availability and food price inflation. However, we continue to take proactive preventive measures to maintain our top-quality supply chain services and to limit cost rises.

Source: BBC.com

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