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Recep Tyyip Erdogan was greeted by ambassadors in Ankara at the presidential palace on Wednesday

Turkish authorities launched a legal investigation against thirty people who were accused of posting disinformation on President Recept Tayyip Erdogan’s health.

Police said they posted “manipulative material” to Twitter with the hashtag #olmus.

The #emoji trending in the wake of increasing speculation regarding Erdogan’s health.

Allies shared images of their partners’ engagements to dispel those rumours.

Rival politicians that oppose Erdogan’s government frequently question Mr Erdogan’s health. Unsubstantiated rumours are rife for many years.

Erdogan was 67 when he had lower intestinal surgery in 2011. In 2011, Erdogan had surgery to repair his lower intestine.

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Officials from the Justice and Development Party (AKP), which is currently ruling the country, posted details about President Trump’s activities this week as renewed speculation emerged on social media.

Ms Erdogan was present at several events held in Ankara, Turkey on Wednesday as part of the celebrations marking the 19th anniversary the inauguration of the conservative party to power.

“The chief arrived from Istanbul to Ankara.” Ahmet Hamdi Kamli (AKP member) wrote the following:“He is very healthy.” “He’s very healthy.”

Fahrettin Altun (Mr Erdogan’s communications director) tweeted an image of the president moving along once he got out of his official vehicle.

Altun said, “Trust your friends and fear enemies.”

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The lawyer for Erdogan filed a criminal case asking for legal action to be taken against the people responsible for disinformation spreading about his condition.

Turkish media claim that speculations about Erdogan’s health were rekindled by the release of a video showing Erdogan walking gingerly on Friday.

Last month, similar reports of Erdogan’s ill-health emerged. Mr Erdogan’s communications team shared video footage of him playing basketball.Harekette bereket vardir.

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Turkish media covered Erdogan’s 2012 intestinal surgery. Official statements regarding Erdogan’s health, however, are very rare.

Although he has been seen at events dozing, he maintains a hectic schedule. His public appearances are frequent and he gives many speeches per day.

Erdogan went to Africa last week for a three day tour. Also, he visited Rome in preparation for the G20 summit.

Erdogan was due to be at the COP26 UN climate conference, Glasgow, on Monday. But his office confirmed that he had cancelled because of security concerns.

Erdogan, who has been Turkey’s president and prime minister since 2003, has controlled Turkish politics for many decades. Next Turkish presidential elections are scheduled for 2023.


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