Expert from the US warns that Omicron will spread through Christmas travel.

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Dr Fauci (R), said that Omicron’s rapid spread could make US hospitals unsustainable.

The spread of Omicron Covid-19 will be increased by Christmas travel, according to the US’s top infectious disease expert.

“There is no question about it, [Omicron]”Has an incredible capacity of spreading,” said Dr Anthony Fauci to Meet the Press on Sunday.

According to Dr Fauci who is an advisor for the US on the pandemic variant, the strain was currently “raging across the globe”.

As the spread of highly mutated varieties increases, countries are taking stricter measures.

France, Germany and France are two of the European countries that have travel restrictions. The Netherlands also has strict rules for Christmas.

After researchers found that the extra shot can provide up to 85% protection from severe illnesses, governments are increasing their Covid booster vaccine programmes.

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Dr Fauci warned that Omicron could quickly spread to the US, putting a strain on the health care system in America.

“Our hospitals are going to become very stressed, even if it looks like that now,” he said.

Dr Fauci advised people to wear face masks, and avoid social isolation. He also encouraged more Americans to receive their booster and vaccine shots.

According to him, the main difference is in how severe an infection can be between someone who’s been vaccinated or boosted and someone who doesn’t have an infection.

Friday’s White House Press Briefing featured Dr Fauci stating that unvaccinated individuals were more at risk of infection and hospitalisation.

“We look over our shoulders at Omicron surge,” said he. He added that the fully-vaccinated were doing better… the best protection is full vaccination plus a boost.

As two US Senators Elizabeth Warren (72) and Cory Booker (52) reported that they were positive for the virus, Dr Fauci warned them.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 73% have received at least one Covid vaccine. A booster shot has been administered to almost 30% of those who have received it so far.

According to the CDC, the Omicron variant is responsible for approximately 3% of all current cases. Most of these have been reported in New York.

More than 50 million people have contracted coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic. There has also been an estimated 800,000 deaths due to Covid.


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