France will relax its travel regulations from the UK with Covid-19

Image source, Reuters

The government announced that France would relax restrictions on travel from the UK starting Friday.

Travellers who have been vaccinated will not need to provide compelling reasons for them to visit France.

A negative Covid-19 test will still be needed, regardless of whether you have been vaccinated.

France imposed restrictions on the 18th of December to stop the Omicron variant’s spread.

A compelling reason must be given for non-vaccinated travelers to travel to France.

The nation is still fighting a rise in Covid-19-related infections. Johns Hopkins University reported that there was a record of 368, 817 deaths and 341 new cases on Thursday.

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France has tightened its regulations earlier in the month. This includes making remote working mandatory for people who have the ability and restricting public gatherings indoors. Eating and drinking on long distance transport is banned, caf├ęs and bars can provide table service only and nightclubs are closed.

The French Senate passed a controversial bill on Thursday. It requires that people be fully immunized to enter a variety of places, including bars, restaurants, and other public spaces. The bill also eliminates the possibility of showing negative results to gain entry.

On Saturday thousands demonstrated against the passage, many angered at President Emmanuel Macron’s statements that he would “piss off” citizens who are not vaccinated.

France’s total number of infected people is 12.6 millions, with more than 127,000 deaths.

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