France’s Covid suspends the UK-based transit ban during Christmas

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UK nationals can travel through France, if they’re visiting their country of origin in the EU during this festive period.

After UK travelers had difficulty reaching France, France lifted its Covid restriction.

Eurotunnel was previously notified by customers and said that it was disappointed at the decision.

People who are not from the UK cannot go to France without compelling reasons.

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French ministers increased UK travel regulations earlier in the month because of concerns over Omicron’s spread.

The 18th of December has been the date British citizens must have an important reason to travel to France. There are some exceptions.

As it was thought, exemptions would cover those crossing France in order for them to return to their country of origin in the EU.

However on Wednesday, both P&O and Eurotunnel said the French government had issued new rules meaning British people could “no longer transit France by road to reach their country of residence in the EU” unless they hold French residency.

British officials stated that they were urgently seeking clarity on new restrictions that could impact UK citizens.

France’s government responded that UK nationals living in other EU countries are considered to be third-country citizens and cannot travel to France for their home country under current Covid regulations.

The report noted however, that some British nationals living in EU countries had traveled to the UK in good will for the holiday season. However, they are facing difficulties getting back home.

To deal with this situation, police officers were given instructions to tolerate at the border with the United Kingdom to permit these citizens to cross France and reach their home in the European Union.

French Ministry of the Interior stated that EU nationals who travel from the UK to reside in the EU did not face any transit ban, and could freely travel through France.

Eurotunnel is a company that runs car-carrying trains from Dover to Calais. It said it was happy with the French government’s willingness to accommodate its travel requests.

The company stated this on TwitterPassenger flexibility would be “subject their” [initial]”The journey to the UK will be complete before 28 December 2021.”

According to a spokesperson from the UK government, “British citizens who are in the UK and yet reside in Europe will be able, over the next year, to return home via France.”

“We are in constant contact with French authorities and will keep our travel advice up-to-date with new information.”

France’s record number of infected people is causing confusion around travel rules.


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