Full permission granted to UK Hollywood Film Studio near Reading

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At the Thames Valley Science Park, construction is underway for the media center

The full approval for the construction of a TV studio and film production complex is granted. Disney Productions are expected to commence next year.

The proposal by Shinfield Studios was approved in October by Wokingham Borough Council, but Michael Gove (Levelling Up Secretary) referred it.

He raised no objections at Thames Valley Science Park in Reading. Full consent was given.

According to the film company, construction would start immediately.

One hundred and eighty-five thousand square meters of media space will be used to house 18 sound stages. Four have been constructed.

Shinfield Studios stated on their website that the facility will be complete by 2024.

The company, part of Blackhall Global Partners, said it expects the studio to generate around £600m a year for the UK economy.

The site, which will feature “world-leading sound stages”, also includes workshops, an environment conducive to work, and a screening area for post production.

Nick Smith, Shinfield Studio’s managing director and joint executive, stated: “We’re incredibly excited about Shinfield Studios’ potential, both as an important contributor to the UK’s film and television industry, and because of its proven ability to attract some of the most renowned storytellers and producers in the world.

We were able to quickly get the studio up and running by finishing four of our sound stages. This allowed us to deliver an impressive, state-of-the art space that meets Disney’s requirements.

Ian Johnson, his counterpart in the project, stated that the company was thrilled to build a home of “world-class quality” for Berkshire’s film and television community.

Chief executive of British Film Commission Adrian Wootton OBE described the hub to be an important development that will help attract investment and production to the UK.

He stated that the UK was never more desirable as a production location for TV and film.

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