Ghislaine Maxill: Juror remarks should be retried by lawyers

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Ghislaine maxwell during the trial is captured in a sketch.

Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers claim she is due a fresh trial. A juror revealed to the media that he used his experience as a sexually assault victim to convince jurors skeptical of witnesses.

The judge was also requested by the prosecution to investigate the statements.

Jeffrey Epstein found Maxwell responsible for grooming teenage girls.

According to the juror, Epstein told him that he was a victim of child abuse.

According to the man who requested anonymity by using his middle and first names, Scotty David told reporters that he had shared his personal experiences with jurors following questions from some of Maxwell’s accusers.

“I remember what I saw when I was sexually abused. I still remember what colour the carpet was and how it looked on the walls. According to The Independent, some of the details could be replayed as a video.” He told jurors. Although I don’t recall all details of the case, some elements are consistent.

Scotty David, referring specifically to the other jurors in the case of sexual abuse, said that they could come to an agreement on it after I shared it.

Additionally, he said that he read through the questionnaire sent to prospective jurors before Maxwell’s trial. However, a question about Maxwell’s sexual abuse was not asked. He stated that he would be honest.

Maxwell was tried in Manhattan by US District Judge Alison Nathan. Maxwell’s lawyer wrote that the British socialite had “incontrovertible grounds” and requested a new trial.

After prosecutors stated that the reports merit attention from the Court, the letter was sent shortly thereafter.

Neama Rahmani (a lawyer and legal commentator) told BBC that Scotty, who had lied to West Coast Trial Lawyers about his potential juror questionnaire, denied that he was the victim of abuse. That would constitute perjury, as well as possible grounds for mistrial.

“This is the reason prosecutors cringe after jurors talk with the media after they have pronounced guilty: jurors could say something which may reverse the verdict,” he stated.

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Maxwell, 60 years old, was convicted of five of six charges, the worst being sex-trafficking of minors. Maxwell’s attorneys have stated they intend to appeal against this verdict.

Maxwell, a longtime friend of Epstein the child sex offender was in prison since July 2020. She was arrested for involvement in financial abuse of teenager girls. The victims included as many as 14-year-olds.

Epstein committed suicide in 2019, while waiting for his trial on charges of sex trafficking.

Her sentencing date has yet to be set.


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