Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Prosecutors rest case after 10 days

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Jeffrey Epstein and Ms. Maxwell were accused of being “partners in crime”, but the prosecutor has said that she has pleaded guilty to eight of these charges

Two weeks of testimony has resulted in the dismissal of Ghislaine Maxwell, the sex-trafficking case against her.

Annie Farmer is the final of the four victims who will testify.

Now 42 years old, Ms Farmer claimed she was groped and abused by Ms Maxwell. Ms Maxwell is charged with grooming girls underage for Epstein in 1994-2004.

Eight charges have been brought against Ms Maxwell.

The prosecution tried to portray her, over the last two weeks as an accomplice of Epstein, who was a convicted sexual offender.

Epstein, who was convicted in Florida of state sex crime in 2008 and committed suicide while waiting for trial on federal charges related to sex trafficking in 2019, was in prison.

Defense lawyers for Ms Maxwell claim that she is made a scapegoat by Epstein’s crimes, as he cannot face trial.

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Contrary to the other three women who testified under pseudonyms, Ms Farmer stood with her words “I am Annie Farmer”

Maria was her sister and one of the first to be accused by Epstein and Maxwell.

On Friday, New York’s court heard how the woman had reached out to her and met them.

Epstein’s sister was a painter. He had helped her get into college when Ms Farmer suggested that she help.

Epstein purchased her a ticket to New York and then took her to see a movie. He “caressed” her hand, “rubbed” her leg and kissed her, stopping only when she looked at him. At that time she was only 16 years of age.

Ms Farmer described feeling sick and dizzy. It wasn’t what I expected.

A few months later she was able to meet Ms Maxwell at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, New Mexico.

It was supposed to be an event only for college-bound students. However, she found no other students when she arrived.

She recalls how Epstein was “appeared intimate” with Ms Maxwell as though they were romance partners.

Ms. Maxwell, she claimed, had instructed her to massage Epstein. She showed her how. Ms Farmer said that she did exactly what she instructed. “I felt very uncomfortable. “I wanted to stop.”

Ms Farmer pointed at Ms Maxwell in court and accused her of making her undress and massaging the breasts. Ms Farmer stated that she had “sensed” Epstein was looking at her.

When Ms Farmer returned home from work, she said that she told her mother she wasn’t raped and didn’t want to discuss what happened.

Defense lawyers representing Ms Maxwell dismissed Ms Farmer’s testimony. They claimed that parts of Farmer’s story weren’t supported by evidence.

Laura Menninger, Attorney asked if Laura’s testimony was influenced in any way by the statements of others.

Ms Farmer confirmed on Friday that she had received $1.5m (£1.1m) from a victim compensation fund created by the late financier’s estate.

Additionally, she stated that she was in a WhatsApp Group with Epstein victims as well as in email communication with Virginia Giuffre. Virginia Giuffre has been a prominent Epstein accuser.

Initially, the Prosecutors requested three weeks for their arguments. However, they moved faster than expected and have now completed the case.

The story will be told by lawyers for Ms Maxwell next week.

This trial moves at a rapid pace. They had expected that the trial would take approximately four weeks. However, after ten days they decided to end their case. It’s evident that they have faced many setbacks. They could not call witnesses, one of which was the brother of one accuser. Judge ruled that the sexual encounters were legal because all four of them were either at or above the age of consent.

However, that doesn’t mean they will not be able show their case beyond any reasonable doubt. Epstein’s past staff all identified Ghislaine Maxiwell as being the woman of the house, and the number two. Many employees identified Jane (an underage girl in the case) and Virginia Roberts (a teenager), as having seen Epstein and Ghislaine Maxiwell.

The heart of their case, however, is the graphic and emotional testimony of each of the victims who were subject to intense cross-examination. Their memories and defense attacks got heated and testy many times. After Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys presented their case, it was decided that the jury had a superior job.

Timeline: The key moments

Epstein arrested and executed

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested after returning to New Jersey on a private plane from France. Federal charges accuse Epstein of trafficking a “vast network” of underage girls for sex.

36 days after being arrested, he kills himself at a New York Jail.

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Ghislaine maxwell arrested 

British socialite Ghislaine Maxill is being held in New Hampshire. She was accused of aiding Epstein to groom his victims.

She is accused of beingfriended by 14-year-old girls and encouraging them to have sexual relationships with Epstein. One alleged victim told the BBC that she “controlled the girls – she was like Madam”.

Prosecutors claim the abuse occurred in locations around the world, including Ms Maxwell’s London home.

She pleads guilty. A judge denies her bail, calling her a flight risk.

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The second set of fees

Two new US federal charges of sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking of a minor are filed against Ms Maxwell, adding to the six she already faced.

According to the prosecution, a fourth victim was identified. At 14 years of age, the victim was allegedly subject to abuse. These accusations are refuted by Ms Maxwell.

First appearance in court

Ms Maxwell appears in court for the first time, pleading not guilty to multiple charges of sex abuse, sex-trafficking and perjury.

Her defence lawyers argue that the conditions in her Brooklyn jail are inhumane and argue that she is “being treated horribly”. Her bail is denied.

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The trial begins

Ms Maxwell trial begins in New York, where she has been in jail since her arrest.

Earlier in November, a jury candidate pool of over 600 New Yorkers was whittled down to 12 jury members.


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